As Your Friend

Ashley. Better known as Ash. She is known around the world as one of the best Pop, Rap, and Latin singers. Of course she is from Mexico. She had the best life as a kid. But it all changed one day after school. After she moved on. She got her career as singer at age 15. And now at 19.


1. That One Day

"Ashley!!!!" I heard my mom scream. I Hurried up and  left  my brown wavy hair down. I grabbed my Beanie from my head that matched my outfit. White Jordans, skinny jeans, and a tanktop with a hod die. Today was a special day. MY BIRTHDAY!!! I  am finally 12 years old. I currently live in Atlanta from Mexico since a i was a baby. And I am one of the best Mexican's. I'm always proud of my culture. I quicky run downstairs and hug my mom. "By ma!" I yell after the hug running quickly down the hall. "Bye everyone!" I yell. So that my Brother and my Dad could hear me. My Dad is a music producer, my mom is a fashion designer and my brother is in highschool while im stuck in middle school. I ran down the street feeling the warm air in face as i run to the bus stop. Slowly i see my friends appear round the corner. "Hey Guh!!" I hear my bestfriend India and Shylin say in sync. "Hola Hola the queen has arrived." Everyone began laughing. Im not really popular. Not at school at least. "Happy Birthday Boo" My shylin says. "THWANK WOO" i say in a baby tone. I hug everyone until i heard the bus come down the street. Time for a boring day at school. 




"The princess is home!" I yell as burst through the white door in the house. I looked around and didnt see anyone. I put my bookbag on the couch and and looked around. Okay this is creepy...I feel like im in a horror movie. I walk up stairs slowly. Lets say I watch a lot of Criminal Minds and CSI. So I basically i know how to search a house with out getting as hurt. As soon as a get up the stairs i check every room. Nothing I walk to my room the only door I havent checked. I slowly move the door open with my foot and slowly step in the door frame. And in a blink of an eye i see them jump from behinde my bed with cupcakes and presents. "SUPRISE!" I leteraly jump and fall on the ground with my but. Owwww. They all laugh and get from behind the bed and help me up. "Supresa mija" My dad said. "Thanks Daddy" . 

"Happy birthday Ash." My brother said from behind me as i was sitting on his lap. Thanks Diego. Everyone calls me Ash, short for ashly. 

"Now now. Make a wish" My mom said with a cupcake in her hand with a candle lit. I closed my eyes and made the best wish i could dream off. I blow out the candles opening my eyes reveling the smoke of the candle. I every one gave me a hug before leaving my room with my cupcakes to eat. I EAT ALOT.ALOT ALOT. . After that meal i did homework and decided to open my present. I slowly rip the wrapping of to reveal....A BEATS LAPTOP!! AWSOME. I literally screamed. I decided to start it and use it. Finally im surfing the internet until i hear the door ring. I looked out the window to see a van. Humph....must be my uncles van. I just shrugg it off. Until i hear screaming. And glass breaking..CRAP.. I hear someone yelling for money. Then i hear at least 3 gunshots.. NO NO NO NO NO... MOM!!DAD!!!DIEGO!!!. I cant run out there. I grab my phone and sprint towards the window. I open it and close it behind me. There i hide..on the roof until i heard the door to my room open.  I hear them disconnect plugs. Probebly my T.V and my computer. My eyes are pouring from the sound of gunshots. I grab my phone and call 911. 

"Hello? What your emergency?" 

I tried to stop my eyes from crying so i can whisper. But failed. "Please help. Someone's in the house and i heard gunshots and i'm on the roof hiding and there still here.. i hear them in my room. please please."

"Mam calm down whats your address?"

"124 Kelkeny Drive"

"The police are on there way. How old are you?"

"I just turned 12 today"

"Whats your name?" 


WHY TODAY! WHY ON MY BIRTHDAY..My hand are in my head.  I soon hear sirens. THE POLICE. "SHIT!!...THE COPS" I heard from under me. I saw them get out of the house and drive aways with the police chasing them. Some stopped at the house.  I heard them scream my name. "Ashley are you here. I heard them enter my room . "She's on the roof." I heard one of them say. How did he know? I remember telling the operator where i was. But all on my mind was my family. Are they truly dead. Or did they miss. This has to be a dream. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a saw an FBI agent in front of me. "I FOUND HER!" He yelled. "Come here sweatie. Its fine." I slowly crawled up being carful of my step on the slanted room. When I was in his reach I ran up to him and grabbed on to him and started crying. 

Why today??? 

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