Die In Your Arms.

Sophie is coming home from a party late. She notices that someone is following her. She can hear the footsteps, but she's too scared to turn around. She notices that the stranger had followed her all the way home and left only when she made it in the house. Being the curious, adventurous girl she is, she decides to turn the tables and follow him. But what will happen? Will the stranger she her? Will she see something she was not supposed to?


1. The Party.

Sophie's Point Of View.


If you were followed home at 12:00 at night, would you follow them once they turned their back? Probably not, why? Because your smart unlike me. I really should have thought this out more. I mean, leaving my phone on the table? Really? While i follow a possible killer back to wherever he's going? Did i really think i wasn't going to be seen? That he would let me go? well you're probably confused. Let me go back and start from the beginning.


Well lets see. It all started when i went to my friend, Zayne's Party. He called me around 5 and asked me if I could come over to help him and Liam get the party set up.I agreed, got my car keys and headed out the door. I picked up some beer and soda, just like he had asked.About 10 minutes later, I arrived at his house.Liam Answered the door and greeted me with a big smile. " Hey Sophie." I smiled. "Hey Liam." "Oh let me help you with those" He said. Gesturing to the big packs of drinks I held in my hands. "Thanks." I replied. Handing him one of them. He started to walk towards the kitchen and i followed behind him. "Just set them on the counter." He told me. "Alright. Where's Zayne?" "Upstairs, getting ready." "Probably fixing his hair." I laughed. "Yeah, most likely." He let out a laugh. "So how can I help?" I asked."Well just set some of the food on the table, and the drinks in the fridge." "Okay." I started to do as he asked. " I'll be right back." "where are you going?" "Bathroom." "oh okay" I walked up the stairs and went to turn the corner when I screamed. "AH!" Zayne came out from around the corner laughing. "I got you good!" I stood up. " Thanks for scaring the shit out of me." "Oh it was my pleasure." He smirked. I rolled my eyes. He gave me a hug. "I'm sorry." I turned around. "No your not. You thought it was funny." He let out a sigh." But did you see your face?" He asked. "It was like this-" He made the most ridiculous face I have ever seen. I turned so i was directly across from him. " I think it was more like this-"  I made an even more ridiculous face. He laughed so hard it didn't even look like he was breathing. He calmed himself down and wrapped his left arm around me as we headed down the stairs


I Know what you are thinking. No. Get that thought out of your head, right now! I could never date Zayne. I love him, but not like that. How could i love him? we have been best friends for years. The chances of it ruining our friendship? Really high. I'm not risking that.We may act like Boyfriend and girlfriend, but we aren't. Never have been never will.So yeah.. Is that idea gone now? Because if you think that's what is going to happen, then you are so so so sooo wrong. Now that you know that, can i get back to the story? 


Anyway, after the three of us finished setting up, we sat on the couch and started talking. Before we knew it, the door bell rang. Zayne opened the door, and it looked like everyone from school was there.It was about two hours later that i started to feel Nausea's. I wasn't really feeling that good. Liam came over and sat down on the couch next to me. "Hey, are you feeling okay?" "Not really I feel kinda Nausea's." I told him. "Well, why don't you go upstairs and lay down?" He asked. I thought about it for a couple moments and then slightly nodded my head.I stood up and all of a sudden the room started spinning  i started to lose my balance when someone caught me before I hit the floor. Zayne. "Thanks." I stuttered out. "Anytime Soph." I smiled a little bit."Where were you going?" "Upstairs, Liam said that I could lie down for a bit." He nodded. "Need help?" I nodded my head, knowing i would probably pass out. "Alright." He set me on the couch, to get re-situated, and then picked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs. He stopped at the front door to his room. He turned around, budging it open with his back.He walked in and gently lay me on the bed. "Thank you Zayne." "Your welcome Soph." He let out a small smile and exited the room. I let out a sigh and closed my eye's,letting the darkness consume me.


I opened my eyes,sitting up. I scanned the room trying to remember what had happened. I slowly stood up, making sure I could balance myself. I felt better. I looked at his alarm clock, noticing how late it was." Almost midnight. Wow i can't believe I was out that long." I walked to the door and opened it, heading down the stairs." Hey Sophie, feeling better?" I turned around to see Liam. "Yeah. I think I am just going to go home." "Alright. See you later." "Bye" I walked out the front door and got into my car. I put my key in and turned it. Nothing. " Are you kidding me? Now?" I tried again, and again. Still nothing. I sighed getting out of my car. I guess I will have to walk home. It's only like, 5 blocks. I mean It isn't that bad. Who am I kidding? This is going to take a while. 




Hey guys,this is chapter one, and I hope you all liked it! I promise it will get better, so just bear with me. Make sure to leave any questions, Ideas, or comments below(: Thanks!


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