Complicated Love- Book 2

This is Harry's point of view of the first book


13. Complicated Love 2- Chapter 12


Chapter 12- Brunch Café

Claire’s phone call with Hanaa ended and I snuck up behind her. I hugged her from behind, spun her around, and kissed her. I can’t get over how perfect her kisses are. Or how perfect she is. I held the door of the car open for Claire as she stepped in, then went around to my side, again in a slight hurry, and started driving down the long driveway. “Where do you want to go for brunch? I really don’t know the area so… do you know any good places?” She thought about it and said, “Let’s try…the Brunch Café on North Avenue. They’ve got the best breakfast food ever.” I gave Claire a sideways smile and said, “Brunch Café it is.” And leaned over to kiss her at a red light. We were in the restaurant and sitting before I knew what happened. I was happy with myself for not getting lost. When we were seated, I told Claire she could order anything she wanted. I could tell it was her instinct to say what she said, by saying, “Are you sure? Some of this food looks expansive.” Me being me said, “I’ve got enough money, and I usually get a discount wherever I go because I’m a celebrity.” And winked at her. “Alright then, I’ll have the potato pancake thing that says it’s stuffed with ham, bacon, Canadian bacon, cheese, and sausage.” I let Claire order first, and she surprised me with the last part of her order. “With a glass of apple juice.” I guess I gave her a stunned look for a second and ordered the same for myself. “Why’d you look at me that way? Can’t a girl eat?” Claire said with a joking look. I smiled and said, “Of course she can, I just didn’t know you liked apple juice!” at this we both laughed and were almost crying by the time our food arrived. I was able to finish my food and I’m sure if Niall had the same thing he would’ve finished it. Claire ate about 3/4 of it. We boxed up the leftovers, I paid, and we left. My next part of the plan was for us to go meet everyone at the mansion and go for a swim. I could tell something was wrong when I said this, and said, “What’s wrong? Should we not go swimming?” Claire answered, “Nothing. I’m fine. Can we just run back to my house so I can get my suit?” I planned for that too. With Hanaa’s help. “Don’t worry about that, Louis asked Hanaa if she could bring it when he goes to pick her up. Are you sure there isn’t anything else bothering you?” shee thought for a minute and said, “Yes. I’m sure. Are you sure you’re okay from last night? I just kind of dumped it all on you and it was a lot…” Claire’s voice trailed off as she spoke and she looked at me while I was driving. Just like I did last night I said, “Last night was about you. I did that because I don’t like seeing you unhappy or bothered in any way. To me it looked like you had a lot on your shoulders and it turns out I was right. You have enough already to worry about. You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fine. Right now, you need to focus on having fun with a special day your boyfriend has planned for you.”

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