one direction fanfics

comment below of the girls name, band member, girls hair color,eye color and setting.


1. louis fanfic


           Im working my morning shift at star bucks. This morning it was really busy. I am making cappuccino for one of my customers, and when i turn around i see a really cute guy that looks my age. His eyes are blueish greenish and he has brown hair. "hi welcome to star bucks can help you?" -louis's POV- Im in star bucks waiting in line. Im next up in line and right when i was about to order when the employee turns around. she's beautiful. She has long blonde hair that goes down to her waist. Her eyes are bright blue. "hi welcome to star bucks can i help you" she smiled at me "y-yeah i-ill h-ha-have a c-coffee." why am i stuttering so much! Im nervous i cant help it. She raised her eye brow and said "okay that will be $3.00" I quickly got out my wallet and gave her the money. I gave her a huge smile. I probably looked like an idiot. "ill get your coffee" She came back to give me my coffee. i grabbed my coffee. This was the time to ask. "Hey um i dont think i got your name love." She smiled at me "My name is brooke" "Thats a beautiful name,so brooke do you mind if i asked for your number" I put my head down and i could feel my face get red. "Ya sure give me your phone" I lifted my head and grabbed my phone. "here you go" she took my phone and took out hers. she gave me my phone back and i walked out. I walked to the nearest ally i could find and did my happy dance. since that day we have been a very lovley couple.  

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