An Angel in Person


1. An Angel in Person

Sapphire eyes steal me and cast away my fears,

My fingers running through hair so soft, a piece of velvet could not rival in comfort,

A smile so bright as to surpass the warm, glowing rays of the summer sun,

These are among the traits of a being akin to an angel,

And few have I seen to tread so close to a heavenly existence.

And what a truly heavenly laughter that beckons me to rejoice in life,

So genuine and careless, one would think this a person blessed by true joy.

So close have I been to this seraph all these years,

And yet never have I felt so far from heaven.

For my feelings betray me, toy with me,

Time and again I long to speak the words `I love you`,

Too long I wait and realisation of reality snatches the words from my mouth.

Time and again I long to speak the words `I love you`,

So close have I been to proclaiming ecstasy!

Only for the fear of you not matching my hearts flame to snuff the air from my lungs.

And so all this time have I held my tongue, stifled my thoughts and restrained arms made to hold you,

Such an embrace restricted to those deserving of your attention,

Deserving far more than myself; these men too, are bewitched by a beauty unmatched,

Yours is a beauty rare: innocent of heart, devoid of arrogance, unforced and perhaps even unintentional.

Envious am I of such fortunate souls, for my arms embrace means so much more in affection,

Yet you only read half my emotion.

Sacrifice such a friendship shall I?

Never…for it is better to stand at heavens gates and never walk through,

Than never see the gates at all and wonder at all the mystery within.

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