Through The Portal

It is about three ordinary children who extra-ordinary things happen to.


1. Tanya


“Noooooo!” Tanya yelled. She sat up. It had only been a dream she told herself. She hadn’t really seen her best friend Abi get killed or her boyfriend Jonathan being a traitor and luring them into a trap. No! It had all been a horrible dream. Although it was so vivid!

“Are you alright?” Tanya’s mum asked switching the light on. Like Tanya, her mum had long blonde hair but her mum had soft grey eyes instead of the brilliant cornflower blue of Tanya’s.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Tanya replied although her dream had scared her a lot. Then she added, “Just a bad dream, that’s all.”

“O.K sweetie, it’s time to get up anyway, so I’ll go and start making your breakfast.” Tanya was quite relieved that her mum had gone. She needed time to collect her thoughts.


 As Tanya walked slowly down the stairs she heard the doorbell ring. That would be Abi. She always came round in the mornings to walk to school with Tanya. Tanya heard her mum open the door and welcome Abi in.

Tanya walked into the kitchen and saw a bowl of cornflakes on the side and her best friend in school uniform drinking a cup of what looked like hot chocolate.

“You O.K.?” Abi asked. Tanya nodded, she couldn’t face telling Abi her dream. She would tell her later, maybe during lunch.


“So you’re finally ready then?” Abi asked Tanya sarcastically. Tanya couldn’t help smiling. It seemed that no matter how upset Tanya was, Abi could always make her feel better. Tanya nodded in agreement.

“You’re being a bit quiet today,” Abi remarked, then added, “you feeling O.K.?”

“I’m fine, Tanya replied, “Just had a nightmare that’s all.” After that Abi just started burbling about nightmares she’d had about dinosaurs and foxes. Tanya thought that they weren’t that scary but let Abi tell her all about them as it passed the time quickly.

Soon they got to school. St. Andrews in London. A normal boring school where nothing exiting, amazing or dangerous ever happens. Tanya sometimes wished these sort of things did happen as she felt she led a very boring ordinary life. You see Tanya loves reading and has secret dreams and hopes of becoming an adventurer.


“Psst Tan!”

Abi was sitting next to Tanya in assembly and was trying to get her attention. Finally Tanya looked over,

“Yeah what is it?”

“Are you O.K? You look really pale!”

“Oh just remembering the dream,” Tanya replied taking out her pocket mirror to see if she was really pale. Just then a teacher looked at her and Abi disapprovingly. Tanya didn’t recognize the teacher but decided she must be a cover. She turned to Abi,

“Hey. That teacher is looking at us. I think we better stop talking. She doesn’t look to happy and I don’t want another detention!” Abi nodded in agreement and turned to the front where the principal was telling the school off for littering.

It seemed like forever but finally they were dismissed and told to leave in an ordinary fashion. Of course they took no notice and soon there was a lot of pushing and shoving to get out. At last they managed to get out and Tanya kissed her boyfriend Jonathan on the cheek as he came walking up to them.

“Hey guys! What’s u…” Jonathan was interrupted by the arrival of the teacher from assembly.

She looked at them disapprovingly then curtly said,

“Name please,” whilst looking at Tanya.

“Er…  Tanya, miss. My friends call me Tan and I prefer it prefer it to be honest,” the teacher looked at her sternly then asked in the same manner as before,

“I mean your full name. And I have no intention of calling you by a nickname.”

“Sorry miss. My name is Tanya Robinson,” Tanya said whilst thinking, “Yeah I’ve got a detention!”

“Well miss Robinson I am Mrs. Grantham and you know you’re not allowed to talk during assembly. I know I’m new here but I can still give detentions.”

“She’s got another detention!” Abi whispered to Jonathan.

“You two can come as well! It seems you also like talking! All three of you, my room 4:00,” with that she turned and walked away.

“Just what I wanted! Another detention!” Tanya said sarcastically once Mrs. Grantham was out of sight.

“Oh well Tan. At least you’re not double booked like on Monday!” Jonathan told her whilst hugging her.

“But I try so hard to be good!” Tanya said through gritted teeth.

“We know you do Tan! It’s not your fault teachers have it in for you!” Abi replied trying to comfort her friend. Just then the bell rang.

“Time for hell! We’ve got Geography next!”


“Hey!” Jonathan said sitting down next to Tanya and Abi in the lunch hall, then adding “You O.K Tan?” as he noticed had been crying.

“Yeah I’m fine. I was just telling Abi about the nightmare I had.”

“It must have been bad to make you cry! You never cry! Here have my cake. I didn’t want it anyway,” he said, placing a large slab of scrumptious chocolate cake on Tanya’s plate.

“Why thank you Sir Jonathan!” Tanya said bowing, “however can I repay you?”

“By giving me a hug?”

“Fine!” She said sounding exasperated but she was really rather pleased.

“There. Feel better now?”

“Totally!” Just then a clap of thunder shook the building and a blood-curdling, heart-wrenching scream filled the air.

The lunch hall went up in chaos. People were running everywhere. Food was flying through the air as people banged into each other. People were shouting and calling to each other.

“What’s happening?” Tanya heard Abi shout over the din.

Tanya slowly turned round and to her horror she saw a great swirling mass of black. She felt someone grasping her hand and heard Jonathan and Abi talking next to her. They were slowly being pulled in none of this really sank in as she realized her worst nightmare was beginning. The nightmare she had had the night before was coming true before her very eyes. 

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