The new one

It's about a girl, who falls in love with the new one.


1. Part 1 - The meeting


Haylee is worried about me. It’s not just because my boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago, or because my sister died a half year ago. She is worried about me, because I joked about taking drugs, because it would help me come over my ex-boyfriend. So now she thinks that I am thinking about doing suicide.

My first day at school was just like I expected, the hall is the same with the blue lockers everywhere, people whispering, but about who. It was like I was holdning a dead body in my arms, which could be right. My sisters death is all over me, I can feel it and everyone can see it. It is like having a long black leather coat around me on a beautiful spring day.
It was just me, people were talking about some unprecented boy called Graham, and everywhere I go it’s the same:

    “ Have you seen him yet?”
    “ He looks like a musician.”
    “ I hear that he is in a band called mysterious.”
    “ Some one told me he has a british accent.”
    “ I hear he was a part of a musical in London.”
    “ Have you seen him yet?”
I saw him sitting on the chair in biology class. It looked like he was just like all the other boys, he just wanted to be as popular, as possible.
I’ve interrupted a conversation between him and the blonde girl Stephanie.
    “ Hi, “ he says, and jumps up. He was 2 meters tall. “You must be Laura”. He points to the paper I have in my hands, “ I’ve heard about… – I’m sorry.” I noticed the way he crapped his pen, it looked like he was supposed to be breaking a neck.
    “ Thank you,” I said, and there after his face busts into the prettiest smile I have ever seen. Whoa. He has blown all the girls away on just one day. I looked around in the calls room, I saw the face on most of the girls, they did not expect him to talk to someone like me, because I was just weird, ugly and what else they could say about me. My chair was just behind him, and I noticed that he was looking a lot backwards. He was looking at me with his big and bright blue eyes.
   “ Laura, can I borrow a pen?” He asked. I could not recist the big blue eyes. So I said:
   “ Yes of course, and just call me Lau,” That presented how weird I am, why did I just say he could start calling me Lau, I don’t even know him.
   “ Thank you, Lau.” So now I was officialy Lau. Yes, no one ever called me that, he was the only one. But I just had to say something, so I didn’t make it awkward, but I made it more awkward by saying that.
School was over and it was time to get home. I was stopped by my locker and then I saw Graham coming trough the hall, I smiled at him. He was walking past my locker at first, but then he came back to me and asked:
   “ How do you get home?”
   “ I thought about taking the schoolbus.”
   “ I can drive you home?”
   “ Will you? That would be nice,” I said with a shaky voice.
I could not recist an offer like that. So he drove me home. And when we came to my house I asked him, if he wanted to come inside, because I knew that my parents were at work, so there was nothing to be embarrased about. My mom is the worst, she is always using a lot of time in my room, when I just want to be alone with my friends. Otherwise she is listening behind the door, or she gets my brother to walk in to my room and see what I am doing.  Sometimes I don’t get her. She is always suprising me with a lot of weird things, I don’t get why people usually like my family, and wants to spend a lot of time at my house.
Graham and I was sitting in my room and talked about a lot of things. He asked me about my sister, and how it was without her. Everything was too normal with him, it was like I had known him for a longtime. I got the story about why him and his family moved from England to Alabama. His dad got a better job here. And Graham was very lucky, because now he was the ‘hot’ guy, but back in England he was the guy who was bullied by everyone. I did not have that sight of him. His person was so more than quiet. I was glad that I meet one who truly understands me, one who I can talk with, without he is embarrased about me. And as a surprise my mom have not openend the door yet, and she has been home for 2 hours. It was like a new start of my life at highschool.

To be continued. 

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