Summer Love

Leah's parents are leaving her for a three month cruise. She's forced to live with her aunt in Wolverhampton for the next three months. the whole summer!!!!!! When she meets someone new. they spend their time together and grow close but soon summer. Leah has to go back home. while he goes back to his tour. After leah and Liam part their ways. her psycho ex-boyfriend comes after her.


1. Why?

"Leah!!!!" Hurry up you"re going to miss your flight !!" my mum yelled up the stairs. "I'm coming, hold your horses" "ALEAH DANIELLE MITCHELL GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT" my mum yelled playfully. I love it when my mom tries to be strict. It's funny cause she's to nice. Well atleast thats what i thought until she decided that she's gonna fly  me to my aunt's place, in Wolverhampton, for the whole summer. While she and my dad go on a beautiful cruise to the Bahamas for THREE FREAKING MONTHS without me. Why couldn't they take me with them? "I don't got any horses to hold" my mom said as i walked down the stairs. " I don't have" I corrected her. She rolled her eyes at me. She hated when I corrected her grammer. "Come on your dad is waiting for us in the car, anytime now Leah". I hurried out the door. Goodbye sweet home I said as my dad took my bags. Why couldn't I stay home by myself? I shoved my earphones in my ears, and waited for this car ride to end. For a TWO HOUR flight waited ahead for me.



Sorry it was short. I havent written in awhile since the One Direction Community app isn't working.

How was it? Do you like it?

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