Can You Keep A Secret?

Spencer labled guys in three categories, players, nerds, and just flat out stupid. When One Direction move next door, she lables them under players. But what if her judgement was wrong? Once she tells them her darkest secrets, things go hectic. Can they keep a scecret, or will it spill all over the place?


17. You Better Run

“Tick tock Spencer, we are waiting.” Missy said impatiently. I stared at myself in the mirror. Why did I ever agree to do this? It’s not like we are doing anything bad, right? I will just do it, and no one will find out. Thats what I am hoping, anyway. I need to prove to Missy that I am strong. I can do this. I am tired of her teasing me. After tonight, she wont. I grabbed my black bag, and ran out of the bathroom in Jason’s house. I weakly smiled and stood beside Jason.

“Its about time. Ready?” Missy asked rudely. I nodded my head and we sneaked out the back door. Little did we know, that someone was watching us, and that this night would change our lives, forever.



Why even get up, when the one who you loved an trusted doesn’t care. Why even open your eyes? No one is there to enjoy the sunlight with you. Why get up? If you get up, you wont have anyone there to give you a goodnight kiss. That is how I feel. I feel like I am stuck in a deep, sad hole. But I have to get up anyway, face the day. Life is a gift, and I should live it. I walked down the stairs, slowly. Maria was pouring milk into her bowl, Stephen was, well, being Stephen. My dad was watching the news, and my mom was making pancakes.

“Hey sissy!” Stephen said, and patted my head. I hit his hand away, and walked grumpily to the kitchen. I grabbed a banana and ran up to my room. I sat in my window seat, and carefully pealed my banana. I looked outside and saw the beautiful green grass, and the violets that were almost fully bloomed. I looked at my neighbors/half brother/idiot that broke my heart’s house. It was odd, the curtains were open in the window across from mine. They were never open. I looked closer, and I saw… Liam. He was just putting on his shirt, and he was looking in the mirror. I opened my window, and I was glad to see that his window was open too.

“Nice shirt!” I yelled, cupping my hands around my mouth. Liam looked around, then looked at me. He walked up to the window, and sat in the window seat too.

“How much did you see?” he asked.

“Everything.” I said with a giggle, and I winked. His face turned from a smile, to horrified. “I was just kidding.” I said teasing. He laughed. I had always liked his laugh.

“So, I heard about Niall being your brother… and I am sorry about you and Harry.” He said, sincerely.

“Thanks, I kind of knew that it wouldn’t work out. I really like this other guy….” I said trailing off. I wonder if Liam realized that I was talking about him. He smiled and looked down. But when you smile at the ground… I sang in my head.

“Well, I hope that the other guy isn’t as stupid as Harry.” Liam said with a smile.

“He’s not. He’s really nice, and sincere, and just amazing.” I said dreamily. Liam just stared at me.

“He sounds nice.” Liam said bluntly.

“Liam,” I started. He looked at me, with those puppy dog eyes. “I’m talking about you.” I said with a huge smile. A huge smile spread across his face, then it disappeared.

“I’m sorry Spencer, I have a girlfriend.” He said quickly, and closed the window, then walked away. I sat there, with a hurt expression on my face. A few tears streamed down my cheeks. There was a knock at the door, and I quickly wiped them away.

“Come in.” I said as cheerful as I possibly could. My mom walked in, with an envelope.

“This is for you.” She said, and handed me it. There was no return address. I shrugged, and ripped it open. I ripped the letter into pieces, and ran downstairs in fear. The words on the letter repeated in my head.









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