what makes you beautiful

Jess,The flower girl,working in the greenhouse late nights protecting the lovely Sunflower,violets,roses,etc.Does she have the worst life?........um yes,but all that changes when someone comes in her greenhouse late late night,hiding from all the fans,crazy girls running all over the place for him........guess who...........no don't guess,but i won't tell you,but i will say this,all the miserable days for jess are over,on 3-12-13................don't you think,why dont you read.And to be clear....she's just a lucky worker.


1. Les Miserables.

Jess's P.O.V



Working in a greenhouse at 10:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.Isn't really fun,unless your weird and like guarding flowers all freaking night.Well,if you don't,welcome to my world,i have this ugly job that i have been dieing to kill and quit ever since the first day,but it can't happen because it's the only option i have,so i have to stick with a suckish unwanted job for the next 2 years or something,at least enough to gather a lot of money and run off to find a place where i could be myself,where i could be free.But since i can't do that right now,i consider myself,one of the miserable one's in the movie Les Miserable's,so for now,i just have to deal with the every night bull-crap...........i don't even have a freaking co-worker..the hell?!





Jess's P.O.V



It was 9:30 p.m.,and i groaned looking at the clock,only 30 minutes had to pass until i got back to my ungrateful job.Working with flowers wasn't always the best pleasure,sure they made the whole place smell fresh and natural,but still,all you did was sit near the counter,read,watch the flowers,make sure non of them lose a stem,lose a petal,dry up,and bend.It was a job that maybe most you want,but trust me,it's not the ideal job of a spring-summer climate.....even though it goes perfectly with summer and spring.

I sighed with the depressed mode,and started combing my brown wavy hair.My hair had difficulties too,so did my body,i went to the doctor and they said my waist and lower part was a little overweight.So ever since then,i've been soo insecure about myself,i have to watch what i eat.What i wear,and soo many other things.Im just not so like that anymore.I used to have a passion for fashion,but when i heard the obesity news,my fashion has gone from bad 2 worse.

Since im not the girl who's legs show off everywhere.I walked in my closet,pulled out some skinny jeans,and a green v-neck that had the greenhouse label,which was accompanied by the ugly ass apron.My hair always had to be in a messy bun what so ever.My shoes were normal black converse,and well,my face was the usual,some lip gloss,no makeup,and i was pretty much a natural beauty.

I had finished dressing,and by the time i was done.It was 9:45 p.m..."yess!"i exclaimed grabbing my coat and bag.For the first time i think i wasn't going to late for work.Unless some traffic stopped it.

I started my car,and drove off,and while i drove,the song "we are young" came on.I rolled my eyes and shook my head side to side.Im never going to be young.I barely have a life,how the hell am i supposed to go out to the movies and chill when i have some responsibilities.That aren't eager!..........but i need them for the future.

Finally i had made it to the greenhouse,and it was just a few customers like always.But as i parked,i looked up at the stars,but slowly got distracted by lights coming from downtown.I sighed as i looked,if only i could have fun like the people in downtown are."JESS!"the boss's deep voice made me bounce."hi"i squealed with a slight smile full of fright."get in here!"he yelled.I rolled my eyes,got my bag,and slammed the door behind me.

Im so miserable.I don't have a life to even go out to Mcdonalds!!!

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