X Factor days

read to find out


1. chapther1

skylas pov

Hey guys im sklayi have wave blond hair ans sea blue eyes. I'm 16 yeas old and have been liveing on my owne ever sence my parents died in a car acednet. I'm waiting for my best friend( we are like sisters) danielle. Today we are haveing dance practes at the X Factor. We will be profoming for this band called one direction. Danielle texed me saying that she is here i grabed my bag off the sofa and whent out to her car. hey sky! danielle said hey danielle! i said back. we dorve to the X Factor studeo and stared to stratch. Just then 5 boys walked in and waled over to our dance instucrter after a few mintntes they all can over and we maide a group around them. ok girls i would like you to meet  harry,liam,zayn.louis and niall also knowned as one direction our dance instucrter said. we where all going back to practesing when our dance instucrter said taylor and danielle can you to come over here. i looked at danielle and we walked over there. could you to teches theis boys the dance moves? sence you to are the best dancers. she asked us. i looked at danielle and she noded. sure we both said. ok she said and handed us the papers she had in her hands and left. we looked back at the boys and intordused our selfs. hello i'm danielle peazer and i'm sklay mills we said to them. hello loves i'm louis tomlinson, i'm niall horan, i'm zayn malik, i'm liam payne and i'm harry styles they all said.

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