A perfect match

Rachel a 19 year old works 2 jobs. Little dose she know she finds the love of her life at her jobs. If you want to know more read on!!!!!


1. A regular day

Rachel's POV.

I wake up take a shower,brush my teeth, and comb my hair. I grab my keys and head out the door.
---------------20minutes later------------------------------------
I got out of my car and went inside.I heard my boss say "Rachel your surving room survice." Yay:(. I grab a cart and head to the elevator. On my way up I took out my song book and sang one of my songs. I look at the card and it said the penthouse. I go to knock on the door when it opened. The boy who looked about my age said "Who was just singing? Sorry that was me. Hi, I'm Niall. Hi,I'm Rachel. I brought room survice. Really Rachel that's what you say to a cute guy. Ummm thanks. Why don't you come in. Are you here alone? Yeah. My mates are out shopping. So Rachel you sing. I guess you could say that, I write songs to but I'm not very big, the only please I've sang is my home town. Ring ring. Let me just get that. Hello RACHEL GET DOWN HEAR NOW!!!! Ok. Who was that? My boss. You should stand up to her. Bye, if I don't go I might get fired. Bye. I walk out the door and run in to a curly hair dude. I'm so sorry. The boy said It's ok.
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