This is a story about a girl called Joanna who just moves to England when she goes out one day and comes home to see her parents fighting. She couldn't take it so Joanna Locks her self in her room when she gets the most amazing phone call from her boyfriend. Then her life begins to change .... Read book to find out more


1. Monday morning

SWOSH!!! Went the wind howling at Joanna's window. It was so cold outside and so windy she was wearing her coat in bed.

The next morning was Monday the first day I the week and Joanna had school. She placed on her smart blazer and headed downstairs waiting for her friends to come. It was still so cold outside it was beginning to snow. BEEP!!! Her ring tone little things by one direction began to play.


"Hello" Joanna said
" hi it's me. Listen I'm not going to school today. Got to see my nan she is very ill in hospital so I can't knock for u today. " answered Joanna's friend Alexandra.
"Ok no worries bye "


Joanna left to go to school.

Once at school she was called to the head teachers office. Hopping she did nothing wrong she opens the door and saw Harry Styles from one direction. Amazed Joanna fell to the ground as she saw him. So nervous she was shaking. "Are you ok?" He said with his deep voice helping Joanna to her feet. "Oh yeah' I'm so sorry I just can't believe it's you!"

I looked into his eyes as he put my hair behind my ear. "We'll thank god for that ! How about you give me your number and we could meet up sometime ?" Harry asked me.
"Oh um. Yeah. Ok " I said back
Harry opened my blazer pocket and slid in a pice of paper with his number in. "Why don't you show me around your school. You know just the two of us?"
" sure I would love to !!" After saying that Harry slid his arm around Joanna's waist and the other was dangling beside him. I looked at him. His lovey skin. His tatoos and his pimples got me paralized
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