The Mute Girl

This is a story about a girl named Liesel struggling through high school, now Liesel is mute. She runs from Amber ( the mean girl ) and her friends she tries to suffer out being bullied and trying high school being treated differently . Will she find love or will she not. please read to find out!


1. The Mute Girl

I am the mute girl, I don't know why they call me that but everyone has do deal with something they don't like, God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers even if they are mute.  My locker is right next to all of the special needs people, I'm not special needs there is really nothing wrong with me even though I am mute, its not that big a problem I would tell them, if I could.  My name is Liesel, not mute girl so why don't they leave me alone I am not the mute girl.

These thoughts pound through my head as I pass everyone in the hall ways of my horrible school.  Don't look at me like there is something wrong with me. I wish I could enjoy school like I used too before it happened, before I was the mute girl.  I ran to the bathroom I stepped in the stall and did my business, I looked at the ground and stepped out of the stall something startled me I looked up very quickly to see Amber and her little evil crew. " Look here look here poor baby Liesel all alone, oh wait what I cant hear you Liesel your a little bit to quiet what?" she asked sarcastically her friends laughed. Liesel tried to get around them. No direct eye contact just walk through them. But she could not get around them so she stopped trying for a minute they stared into Amber ugly eyes and they started talking to her again but her thoughts where to loud for her to hear what they were saying.  Oh my god just get out of my way. I don't deserve this just move Amber Liesel thought. Amber kept talking saying horrible things to Liesel, but when Amber finally said " stupid mute girl '' Liesel burst she looked Amber in the face for a couple seconds and then dead silence. Liesel looked at her horrible face she felt Ambers ugly soul and she could not bare one more second of standing in that bathroom with her so she lunged forward and slapped her face and Amber fell to the ground Liesel looked at Amber then look at all the girls Liesel left the room feeling better than ever. 

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