Beautiful Mistake

A one Direction fanfiction I've been working on. It's my first so..hope u like it!


3. Secrets

"Uh....Uh...erm...uh, yeah I know...." Really? Yeah I know? Gosh I think I need to take some talking lessons...or something. He kind of just looked at me so I got the conversation started again. "So...erm not to be rude but why are you here?" Oh Gosh that was rude! Goodness... "Um...can I come in?" He asked. I just nodded my head. He stepped in, taking off his Vans. "You can sit on the couch...if you want." He nodded and sat on my white couch. "Can I Um...get you anything?" I questioned him. "Erm..I'm ok. But thanks." He stated. He smiled at me with his dimples showing. He angled his body so his knees pointed at me. "Hey um, I'm here because...Liam wants to see you, but he's at an interview, so he asked me to come pick you up and bring you to his flat." A smile broke out on my face. "Really?! Liam wants to see me?! But...I though he hated me..." The smile disintegrate off my face, a grown replacing it. "Hated you?! Are you kidding?! Your all he talks about! He loves you!" He responded. A smile broke out on my face again. I know you have no Idea what's going on. Harry styles comes to my doorstep telling me Liam wants to see me, he loves me and blah blah blah, We'll I'm actually Liam Payne's sister. Well step sister. My mom died and my dad married Liam's mom. We were separated at age 5 because...well ill tell you another time. I haven't let the other 4/5 of One Direction which is why it was kind of a surprise to see Harry Styles at my door. I'm a big fan of there music though so I'm kinda fangirling now. I have millions of posters of them all over my room, tons of merchandise, and both albums. Anyways yeah I found out Liam was my brother 2 years ago when he just randomly found me. But that's another story."We better get going" Harry exclaimed. I nodded "just let me change". I'm not the kind girl to change 4 times a day but I'm still in my Pj's. I changed into a blue number 14 soccer jersey (my fav number) black soccer shorts, put my hair in a ponytail, and put on white vans. I slid down the railing of the stairs and turned to Harry. "Do you play?" He asks referring to my soccer jersey. I nodded. "Yeah." He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside to a black Limo. "So Kayla, if your Liam's sister why is your last Name Hersh?" "It was my original dads last name. I just wanted to keep it." I explained. He nodded and we stepped into the limo.
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