Beautiful Mistake

A one Direction fanfiction I've been working on. It's my first so..hope u like it!


2. Meet and Greet

I chewed on the back of my pen anxiously, waiting for some ideas. I scribbled down a few things, just as a Nicki Manaj song came on. I quickly hit the skip button. I did not need to be in that kind of mood now. I took a sip from the small glass of orange juice beside me. I continued to write, not noticing my door open.
"Kaylaaaaa!" I recognized the high voice as Charlie. I spun around on my chair and glared at her
"What?!" I snapped at her. Hey. When I get I interrupted I can get aggressive.
"Someone's here for you!"
I rose an eyebrow at her obvious excitement. She was trying to keep a strait face, but her blue eyes were sparkling with excitement. I got up, taking my orange juice in my left had. I brushed past her, heading down our spiral staircase to the main floor. I turned the corner my back sliding against our new Aqua wall. I came to the corner beside the door and quickly swung myself around it. I stood in front of the door with a blank expression. I heard my glass of orange juice hit the ground. The orange liquid was making a trail down to my sock. I just stood there looking at the boy in front of me. He looked at me nervously and bit his lip. He rocked on his heels until he finally said something. He deep voice disturbed the silence in the air.
"Hi. I'm Harry Styles"
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