Not Afraid<3

Serena is bestfriends Liam and has been for a long time. 18 years to be exact. Liam has been in One Direction they havent really seen each other. But what happens when liam and the boys come home. will he remember her and remember everything they ever had? Read to find out;)


1. Hi. I'm Serena:)

Serena's POV

Hi! My name is Serena. Serena Williams. I have long blonde hair and bright blue-green eyes.  I have 3 younger siblings. Alex, Steven and Lucas (Luke for short).  Alex who is 14 and he is really annoying! Steven who is 8 and loves his video games. Lastly there's little Luke who is not even 1 yet, but drools on everything! then there's my parents. always fighting about something. but never did it around us because they didn't want to be bad parents. even on my 18th birthday they were fighting about what kind of birthday cake to get me! I mean really? how stupid is that? Yeah really stupid! but anyways lets drop that boring stuff and get to my beasties! My best friends name is Liam Payne. oh you've heard of him? well im glad you have! im mean who hasn't? but please! DONT scream!! thank you! but you know him being in One Direction, he doesn't come home, its very rare when he does, I've only seen him once since he has been in one direction, he doesn't have time for me anymore. I really miss him.



Hi guys!! how are you liking it so far? good? or not so good? comment what you think, and by they way my name is Sarah and I would really love to hear any ideas you may have for my story! thanks! Giant boo bear hugs!!  ~#1Directioner<3 (Sarah)   

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