Dreams come in One Direction shaped boxes.

Hi, im Lucy and my friends tell me im beautful but i don't think so... I Adore one direction and will flip out if i got to meet them!!


1. Wishes*

People say "O keep wishing." or "ha. Lol. In your dreams." even "Nope ill bet ya that wont happen" but sometimes it good to be able to say. "Lol. at you! cos i think you will find im living more than my dream!" you see when we were at school. Me, and my close friend Nicole, had a crush on this guy in our year. Eloise (My bezzle) was already going out with his close friend. they were so loved up it was cute. i kept asking Eloise to talk to my crush as they were quite close, she thought of him as a brother. My whole world came tumbling down one day everything smashed and crashed, i felt like i was in the middle of a bomb exploding. When i told him how i felt he looked me in the eye then the words i never wanted to hear came out of his mouth "I like Eloise, not you sorry." but somehow i smiled and moved on. that was when he went on britains got talent. he dedicated his song to me and i realised he was lying to me the whole time. it was me who he wanted but was to shy to say it. instead he sung it. when i next saw him he was already in a band. One Direction. we looked into eachother eyes intensly and then i hugged him. he smiled and fiddled with my hair. Then another member of the band came out "Nialler come on we need to practise" he shouted at Niall while a single tear fell from my eye. "When will i next see you?" "ill text you."

then two hours later i got a text it read. "Never can we see eachother, meet or talk. i'm too good for you and to me you are nothing. Delete my number and when ever i come to ireland then just don't try and do anything. Bye. this time forever..." it was from Niall. already he was too good for me. when i told people about my past thats when everyone said "Keep wishing." "Ha. Lol. in your dreams." "Nope ill bet ya that won't happen or ever did happen" Nicole wwasn't talking to me 'cos i got the song instead of her and she really really liked him. Eloise was bieng Justin Biebers one less lonely girl. (She was on tourn with him.) After a few years i decided to confront him. tell him what i know thought of him. i wanted to meet one direction.


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