Your So, I'm So...

Imagine. He brushes your light brown hair behind your ear, and suddenly your dimple appears as a smile stretches upon my face. "I won't forget." Your smile fades as you remember he was leaving, until who knows when. He wasn't yours any longer. "But your so... famous. I'm so... average." "You don't realize how long I've waited for this... I only want you." He hugs you one last time, and you breathe in his aftershave. He walks away, towards the plane, never to be seen again.


12. I Need You... and Now.

Niall's POV:


I woke up and rubbed my eyes. My alarm went off at exactly 4:30am. I was exhausted and I just wanted one of Emily's and my "Lazy Days." I missed her terribly, and I wanted her to be here with me. I still wanted to know why the other girls were here! It was pissing me off, it was basically saying, "Well yeah Niall they know how to treat their girls and they aren't clingy." Emily is only a bit clingy, but I don't mind. I know she has nobody, and I was her only friend, besides that Alex chick.

I stood up and grabbed some clothes from my suitcase, then changed quickly, noticing my boxers were a little wet. "Damn, must've been a nice dream." I muttered. Harry moaned, he was still asleep. I shook him and he grunted then sat up.

"I already hate tourrr!" He moaned. I patted his back and helped him up. "I bet I got you beat on that one." He smiled a little. "Don't worry tour will be..." I was fed up. "No it won't shut up and get ready!" I roared. Harry looked upset and went into the bathroom and locked the door. 

I walked downstairs and grabbed a granola bar and ate it in no time flat. The boys said "Hi." but I just ignored them.

I walked into the living room, feeling like shit. 

My heart was pounding and I sat down, soon after my phone rang, Emily at 5:00am? Oh yeah... She's in Ireland.

I picked up.



Niall: *Sounds excited and a little bit happier* Hey Baby how...

Emily: NIAAAALLLL!!!!! *Alex in background* Oh my GOD ITS ACTUALLY HIM!!! EEEEE!

Niall: *shocked from the noise* Oh uhmn how was the inter-

Emily: It was GREAT! I got the job! 

Alex: Yeaaahh! You should tell that hot guy... Zayn I said hi!

Niall: Oh uh I will and that's great ba-

Emily: Thanks Niall! I can't wait to hang out again with my bestie! Then you can meet Alex shes great!

Niall: Bestie? I thou-

Emily: Yeah Best friends for life Niall!

Niall: Okay Princess-

Emily: Guess what??!

Niall: Wh-

Emily: I miss youuu

Niall: Well I miss y-

Alex: Awhhhh cyoot!

Emily: *Laughs and giggles*

Niall: Well, I love-

Emily: You too! Bye Nialllll!

Niall: Bye ba-



I stared at my phone in disbelief. What kind of call was that? Bestie? You too? No 'I love yous' No 'I miss yous.' 

I needed her... and now.



Emily's POV:


Me and Alex were having a blast, it already afternoon here. She was swiping through my pictures, and glancing jealously at me. "You sooo Lucky Emily!" She whined. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah... I am." We both laughed.

Niall and me were just friends... for now. I decided I'd have a little fun... AFTER ALL...Harry and Louis both had crushes  me... Why not? I could mess around... play some games... have some... fun.

And see how jealous this Leprechaun could get, before breaking down...

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