Your So, I'm So...

Imagine. He brushes your light brown hair behind your ear, and suddenly your dimple appears as a smile stretches upon my face. "I won't forget." Your smile fades as you remember he was leaving, until who knows when. He wasn't yours any longer. "But your so... famous. I'm so... average." "You don't realize how long I've waited for this... I only want you." He hugs you one last time, and you breathe in his aftershave. He walks away, towards the plane, never to be seen again.


1. Introduction



Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Emily Carter. I am eighteen and I attend, Clearwater High.

I have hazel eyes, straight light brown hair, and one dimple on my left cheek. I also have a teensy sprinkle of freckles surrounding my nose, and luckily very clear skin. 

My mom died when I was almost 16. Since then, I live with my Dad, who of course I love, but he has been different ever since my Mom died. 

By different, I mean abusive. He punishes me for almost everything. Including, coming home from school late, going out without permission, and not obeying his orders.

Usually when he's in a mood, which happens alot, I tell him that I'm going to get extra help at school, which, by the way I don't need, and then I sneak off to Niall's. 

Yes, yes I know you want to know more about Niall, but let me explain our relationship first.

I met Niall when I was nine and a half, it was at grade school.


It was my first day at first grade. 

I scurried through the classroom door, my ponytail bouncing wildly, and my dimple showing off. The teacher politely asked us to walk to the back of the classroom and listen for our seating arrangement.

"Eliza by Nathan, Luke by Liam, Katie by Rosie, Liam by Zayn, Harry by Louis, Jessie by Ella, Cami by Tasha, Annie by Justin...." The teacher began. 

It seemed like ages before he called my name. 

"And lastly, Emily by Niall." He ended.

I gleefully bounded over to our two desks and slid into the seat next to the brown haired, (later dyed to blonde) Irish boy. He looked at and smiled sweetly. "Hi, I'm Niall! What's your name?"  He asked. I couldn't help but notice a cute shaggy brown haired boy sitting in the front row, (This is when my long term crush began.) Then, I remembered the question.

(Ah, that first question, out of many many more to come.) "S-sorry, my name is Emily." I said, praying for him to be my friend. He smiled big and hugged me.

And from that moment on, we were instant friends. I told him all my secrets, and in return he told me his.


Niall had always been there for me. Even when my other friends left.

Those selfish jerks left me when, my Mom lost her job.... and then my Mom died. 

I had locked myself in my room for three weeks...

And only Niall called.

Yeah, yeah, Niall was my ONLY friend. But, I loved and trusted him with all my heart. In a friendly way....

Now, enough info!!!! Onto the (MY) story......

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