Goodbye Love


1. Goodbye Love <3

Thanks you for that smile.

Thank you for holding me tight.

Thank you for never letting me cry.

And thank you for being mine.


I really love you, I do.

Believe me it’s true.

But I have to let you go,

It’s me, not you.


I can’t hurt you,

My wish is to see you smile.

Just let me go please?

Don’t hold on to me so tight.


I need to sort my life out.

And in that life you can’t be there

We need to let go,

You need to disappear.


Don’t cry,

Don’t weep,

Forget me,

Pretend that I never existed.


So, I’m going to bid my goodbyes


Remember I love you,

Remember I’ll miss you,

And forget that I was there for you


I’ll miss your smile,

I’ll miss your laugh,

I’ll miss your love,

I need to stop now because my heart’s falling apart.


So, thank you for everything,

Thank you for being my faith and hope,

Thank you for being there,

Now I’m letting go..

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