Lead me home (one direction fanfic) ( zombie apocalypse

This is about a girl named crystal who has to fight the dead while meeting one direction who will she fall for will ther be consiquences who will survive the apocalypse who will die.


1. What happened?

Hi, my name is crystal it wasn't that long ago that zombies invaded our earth my parents, my brother and sister everyone that I loved was gone I was all alone fighting for my life until I saw these five boys walk up to me and helped me when I was done I heard one of the boys ask me if i was ok With his heavy British accent then I found myself I'm black I just fainted.
When I awoke I was in a house I went out of the room I was in it was a mansion when I went in the living room I saw five boys with British accents "hello" I said they all stared at me "earth to boys" I said "hi I'm Lois" the boy with the brown hair said "I'm crystal and where am I" I asked "your in our mansion" the boy with black hair said " who are you I feel Ive seen you before" I asked "were one direction" they all said "oh I love your music I'm not a huge fan I listen to it when I'm down my iPod still works" I said "so what are all of your names exept Lois he told me hids already" I asked " hi I'm niall" the Irish boy said " hi I'm Zayn" the black haired one said " and I'm Liam and this is Harry" the kind of shaved head one said "hello" the curly one said "so what do you guys do for your free time" I asked " well we like to play truth or dare" they all said " ok I'm down with that" I said "ok truth or dare crystal" Liam said " dare" I said " I dare you to kiss one of us" Liam said "ok" I said so I was sitting next to Lois so I kissed him "truth or dare Liam" I said " dare" Liam said "ok I dare you to get your ears pierced" I said " how" Liam asked " I know how to pierce ears.
One hour and a lot of yelling later. "there now all you need is a miniskirt a tabletop and some highheels and you'll be all girled up" I said they all laughed. " um guys where am I going to sleep" I asked "well you can sleep in louis bed" Liam said "ok" I said
When I got in there I saw Louis in the bed already " can I borrow some clothes please" I asked "fine" and then when I got into bed I instantly fell to sleep
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