Truly, Madly, Deeply.( A One Direction Fan Fic)

Ellie Is a 17 yearold who slowly falls in love with a guy named Harry, who she clearly disliked at first, But her heart is also stuck with Zayn, Harrys Best Mate.


1. Unexpected

"Shay can we go now?" I impatiently said. "No , I promised you I would find you a date and that what I will do." She said so surely. I was looking around the room when I see this stunning guy with a quiff, he had gorgeous eyes and a smile that would just lighten up your mood. Shay caught me looking at him, "So I see you have quite and interest in the guy over there Ellie." she stated. "He's alright." but I couldn't lie to myself he was perfect. "Go talk to him!" she said as I was lost in his eyes. I was to shy I couldn't.

Zayns POV
I look around and see this stunning girl with long brown wavy hair with the most gorgeous eyes anyone can have. She was also observing me, And I couldn't help but to glance at her. She was perfect. But I couldn't help but notice that Harry was also observing her, I've never seen Harry so interested in a girl this much before, he would usually just go and flirt but not this time, he was shy. He couldn't keep his Green eyes off of her. "Harry are you alright mate?" I ask Harry. "I'm alright just a little bit lost thats all." He said as pushed back his curls.

Ellie's POV

I started to notice that the tall curly haired guy next to the quiff fellow who was observing me. I didn't find interest in him, he looked like one of those typical douche bags who think they can get any girl they want. I wasn't going to be one of those girls who gets dumped a week later after dating for a a new girl, or get cheated on. That wasn't going to happen to me. "Ellie looks like the curly haired fellow over there is interested." shay said so surely. "Not going to happen." I said with disgust. "Well why not? I mean he's perfect!" "Looks aren't everything." I said. she stayed quiet, as if she thought I was crazy for not liking this "hot guy".

Shays POV

How can she not like him? Thats the first time Ive seen a guy show so much interest in her. We came here tonight to this club to find her someone, and she's blowing it. She has rejected 3 guys checking her out tonight, what does she want? She's so picky on who she dates. Thats it. I wasn't going to leave this club tonight with out giving out her number to that curly haired guy with the gorgeous green eyes. As I walk over to were he was standing, I hear Ellie's voice yell, "SHAY DON'T DO IT." I ignored her request and went on. When I arrived to were curly was standing, I ask for the curly haired fellows name. "My names Harry." He said in this raspy voice. "Nice to meet you Harry, my names Shay, You see my friend over there, Ellie, the one standing over there on her phone with the long brown curly hair, she wanted me to give you her number." As I handed Ellie's number to Harry, but as I was handing it over I couldn't help but notice the sad expression on guy with a quiff as I gave Harry Ellie's number, he was the guy that Ellie was so interested. I ignored and carried on. "So Harry, Ellie was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?" "I would love to, but why didn't she just come over here?." He asked questionably. "Umm she's just umm.. to shy to come over here and ask."
"She shouldn't be shy." he said laughing with his dimples popping out. " Well thats typical Ellie,always being shy and stuff ." "So how bout you pick her up tomorrow around 6:00 pm?" I said. "Actually can she come over to my place?, My shift ends at 6:30, so i wont be able to pick her up at that time." "Ok no problem just give me the address and I'll give it to her." "My address is 1023 Sunrise blvd, Zayn here and my other mates will be there as well, so she can just knock on the door." he said. "Ok sounds great I'll tell her ! Nice meeting you Harry and Zayn!"
"Nice meeting you too! and tell her I said I can't wait!" Harry said as Zayn stayed quiet. As I walk over to Ellie at the table I prepare to tell her what I have just done. I set her up on a date with a guy she really disliked, but a guy who had much interest in her. I'm afraid of what she will say, but she cant stay mad at me, I'm only trying to help her.

Ellie's POV
I see Shay coming over, she looked guilty. I already know what she just did. I clearly told her not to. But she's only trying to help. "So listen Stacey, Umm I set you up on a date with the Harry, you know the curly haired guy with green eyes who had much interest in you." "Yes, I know who you're talking about, What did I tell you Shay." I told her angrily "He looks like a pretty nice guy, and you have been rejecting everyone who had the least bit interest in you tonight! So I had to do something." "And I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I'm not a little kid, for gods sake I'm 17 I think I can choose my own dates." I laughed. "I guess you're right, but you still have a date arranged with Harry tomorrow around 6:30." she stated. "P.M?" I asked "Noo A.M." She said sarcastically "Yes Ellie P.M haha" " Can we go now? You got what you wanted, you got me a date. Now lets go."

*Next Day; Time: 5:00*

"Ellie do you need help getting dressed for your date?" I hear Shay yelling from the other room. "No thanks I got it covered." I yell to the other room. I put on my white skinny jeans, black t-shirt, and i slip on my black converse. As Shay goes into my room she says, "Is that really what you are going to wear on your date with Harry?" " Well I'm not trying to impress anyone especially Harry." I said with disgust. " You should give him a chance Ellie, He's not that bad." "Whatever. so when is he picking me up?" I question her. "Well heres the funny part, You're going to have to drive to his house and wait for him." "Oh my what a gentlemen!" I say sarcastically.
"He has a shift at his job so he can't pick you up, he said some of his friends will be there, so you can just knock on the door and go inside." She said "Oh well okay, whats his address?"I said. "Ill text you it right now, I have it in my phone." she stated. My phone vibrated when I got the text. "Got it Shay thanks." "No problem now go to your date Ellie!" "Okay." I tell her, I'm not much in a hurry, I don't want to see Harry, nor be near him, All I wanted was this day to be over. As I arrive to the houses door step, I knock on the door. Then suddenly I hear a male voice yell " I got it guys!" As the door opened I saw him, that guy I saw yesterday the club. The guy with the quiff and the beautiful smile. "Hi I'm Zayn." He said with a smile on his face. "Hi I'm E- Ellie." I said. I was surprised to see him here. I didn't expect this.
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