Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


1. Bed Time Beautiful

             I look at Darcy sitting on the ground, her cherry colored dress spread out around her. I look at her bright green eyes and light blonde, curly hair; She looks so much like her mom. I walk over to her and bend down resting my weight on my knees. Her bright eyes follow my movement. I smile at her, my dimples showing. She smiles back showing her crooked teeth and coral colored gums, her teeth poking through. "Darcy, honey?" I ask her still smiling.

"Yes Daddy?" She replies, her syllables not coming out quite right. She looks at her dress then back up at me. She smiles once again then hands me a block she was playing with. I laugh at her as she giggles still playing.

"Do You Want Up?" I ask her surprised she understands me as well as she does. She nods her head, which causes her blonde curls to bounce around. "Darcy, honey, your getting so big and beautiful!" I say as I slide my hands under her slightly moist armpits. I hold her closely to my chest as I kiss her cheek.

"Daddy can you sing for me?" She asks, smiling as my curls tickle her cheek. I nod and smile at her.  "Sure honey, of course I'll sing for my princess." I laugh as I think of her mom, Angel. I miss her so much, sometimes I feel like I need her.

"Hmmm too young, to dumb to realize, that I should've bought you flowers and held your hand. Should've given you all my hours when I had the chance. Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance; Now my baby is dancing, but she’s dancing with another man." I sing professionally still thinking of Angel. Darcy smiles at me once again. I look towards the clock and realize Darcy should be in bed. "Time for bed munchkin." I chuckle as Darcy lays her head on my shoulder, yawning. I walk towards Darcy's purple room decorated with butterflies; Angel picked this out for our daughter before she left. I turn on the light and stroll towards the 'Big Girl Bed'. I look at Darcy's blankets; My band One Direction, covers her bed. I sigh as I lie Darcy down in the bed.

"Daddy can you give me Shelly?" Darcy asks pointing to a stuffed turtle on her floor. I bend down to pick it up.

"Did uncle Liam get you this, booh?' I ask holding up the turtle. She nods her head yes. "Uncle Liam is a good man." I smile as I hand Darcy her turtle.

"Daddy?" Darcy asks as I start to walk towards the door.

"Yes Princess?" I peak my head over my shoulder.

"I need my night light turned on," She sighs. I walk over to the castle shaped nightlight and turn it on. I grab her sippie cup from the table and lie it next to her. "Oh and Daddy, i love you."  Darcy says as she reaches her arms out, waiting for a hug. I bend down and wrap my arms around her ribcage; she wraps her arms around my neck giving me a small kiss.

"I love you too Darcy." I say as she pulls away. I walk back towards the door and leave it open just a crack, so if Darcy wakes up I can hear her. I walk towards the couch and sit down, feeling lonely. I turn on the television waiting for the news to come on. Next thing I know there's a soft knock at my front door. I get up and walk to the door. "Who is it?" I call out trying to be quiet.

"It's Louis, open the door!" Louis yells on the other side. I open the door and Louis peaks around me. "Where's my Carrot Princess?" Louis asks disappointed.

"In bed, where you should be. " I laugh and welcome Louis into the house.

"Can I see her?" Louis asks. I give him the look. "It'll only be a minute!" Louis says pushing past me. He walks to Darcy's room and opens the door the rest of the way.

"Uncle Louis!" Darcy shouts. I hear her little feet run across the carpet. "Daddy! Uncle Louis Is Here!" Darcy screams as Louis walks into the living room with her in his arms.

"Nice job Louis, you got her wound up again." I laugh and sit on the couch next to my daughter and my mate.


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