The Big Day

This is about a girl named Brianna who was dating the popstar Harry Styles from One Direction for 7 months. Then one courageous day Harry Proposed to her in London, England. This is about their big wedding day!!!!!


1. The Proposal

       Brianna's POV:

       I woke up to the noise of my alarm clock. It is 10 am on the first day of summer break. Thankfully I will not be going back to high school after break because I just graduated yesterday. I just cant wait to see my boyfriend Harry Styles today! I am so excited! I miss him so much.

       He seems to have been been really busy with recording and I have seem to have been so busy with school and everything that we don't even have time to see each other anymore. I wish that I could be with him everyday. Anyways, he is taking me to spend the day in London, England. He said he is taking me to a romantic restraunt. I forget what it is called. I already have my dress picked out and everything! I can't wait!

       Harry is the most sweet guy you could ever think of. He always treats you with some sort of romantic gesture of some sort. He is super romantic. He would never do anything to hurt you.

       To get ready firs I slip on the silver strapless dress that I got for this occasion. I go to the bathroom and curl my hair and out on my makeup. I spray on some perfume Harry got me for my birthday last year. I get my purse and keys ready while I go get my blue heels on and head out the door to my blue prius.

        It is going to be a long drive so I put on some music to soothe me. On my way there I stop a few times to get gas and to use the bathroom. I finally arrive at the restraunt Harry is meeting me at.

        I go inside and ther sitting at a candle lit table is my sweethart Harry. He waves me to come over. I do and I go sit across from him and we give each other a warm greeting. We kind of are silent for a few moments umtil our waitress takes our order.

"Hi guys how are you today? May I take your order?" Sandra, our waitress, said.

"Could you give us a minute please we don't quiet know what we want." Harry said

"Yes sir!" sandra said

"Thanks. So what have you been up to love?" Harry said with a smile on his face.

"A lot of school and I imagine that you are really busy yourself." I said

"I have missed you so much and I gaurentee this will be this best night of your life." Harry said softy chuckling.

"Oh yeah and why is that" I say with an ear to ear smile.

"You'll see. Ma'am can you take our order now." he says

"Yes sir what would you like to drink?" Sandra says

"Um I will take a coke please and she will take a coke as well." he says

"Okay." Sandra says

"Thanks. So anyways are you excited to see me?" he says

"Of course I am Harry. I love you and I have missed so much. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now except for with you." I say

"Me too." he says

"Here are your drinks sir." Sandra says

"Thanks." he says.

I take a drink of my soda and I feel something blocking the straw hole. I use my hands to dig it out and there is a 1 carrot diamond ring with tin diamonds around the band. I look over to see Harry on one knee.

"Will you marry me?" he asks

" Of course!" I say

He places the ring on my finger. He stands up and he hugs me and I start crying. They were tears of joy. Everyone in the restraunt was staring at us but I didn't care. I couldn't believe my life was about to change forever, but in a good way. The rest of the night went really well and I drove back home.

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