The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


1. dark ally

Nebula POV

 I got out of work on my way home.i  heard a noise from behind me i turn around nobody was there. I was beginning to be scare and start running i hide behind a dark alley. I was breathing hard since i was tired and i was 2 blocks away from home i should stay here for a while tho until i feel its actually save to go back out there. "oh dear your actually pretty i couldnt suck the life out of you right now" i jump in surprised i turn around to see a tall figure with dark curls he had a cheeky smile o him. Where did he come from? He was strangely beautiful the moon light dropping on him making him look like and angle "hum im guessing i scared you but i still cant let you live" "WHAT" did that meant he was going to kill me i saw him getting closer mouth open and his teeth became he was growing fangs wait fangs no human can do that, but that was just it he wasnt human he was a demand that have taken the form of a human he was a....vampire!!! i turn around and start running again when i turn around to see if he was following me i didnt see anything. I look forward and he came at the speed of light from the sky i feel down to the floor he kneel down "You cant scape from me after all your just a mere human nothing more" i was frighten what might happen to me "please dont ill do anything" i pleaded for him to let me live he laugh at my request  he once again grew fangs and he was getting closer and closer when he was about to insert his fangs into my neck something interruped his actions"harold stop it thats enough we promise we wouldnt eat anymore humans" "yeah yeah she just look so delicious and pure , she smell pretty healthy to" so his name is harold sounds like an innocent name but he wasnt an innocent person he was something to be afraid of "c'mon i wasnt planning on eating her all the way just injecting some venom maybe making her my lover imagen here as vampire she would look even more beautiful then now" "well you wont be doing that but we cant let her go either she has seen you mmmm miss would you come with us please i promise you we wont harm you" i was speechless i wanted to say no but then harold got up and put his hand out i grabbed it lifting myself up "alright im liam hum it seems you really scare the crap out of her back so perry can erased her memories okk" harry nodded and then he pick me up bridal style and jump up all i could do was scream. How could something that look like an angel be so much like the devil.

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