Boarding School illness

Leah,Natilie,Lily,Haley,and Zafrina all are big fans of 1D,but what happens when they get sent to boarding school, along with Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry,and Zayn? What happens when the school starts getting threading notes warning them to stay away from stuff, it turns out that all extra-cricular activities all start getting sick? Will they find out who is making everyone sick? Will there be a romance along the way?


1. Arriving at Boarding School

Natilie's POV

God that school looks freaky! It looks so.... strict, it looks like its supposed to be holding adults, not teenage girls. The girls and I just pulled in and Lily looked happy probably because she likes learning, that girl is weird. Haley looked terrified, Leah was looking at the big building, and Zafrina was looking at the cute guys. But, one caught my eye he had blonde hair, with blue eyes and was talking with the rest of his friends. We got out of the car and said goodbye to our parents and started to walk to the door.

Niall's POV

I could already see Harry eyeing a girl, her friend was the one that caught my eye, she had medium length blonde hair with green eyes, gosh I could stare at her all day, apparently Louis had a different idea. He did what was the most embarrassing thing ever! He brought the girl over and said " My friend Niall has been staring at you and I was wondering if you would hang out with him, and do you think you could bring your friend over also, my Hazza has been eyeing her for like, ever!?" I was blushing and I swear I saw her blush to! "Haley! Come here, they guy that you were staring at wants to meet you!" She said. "Shut up!" Haley said. She came over "So I hear you were eyeing my friend here?Yeah?" She questioned. " Yes, I mean we'll look at her she is like a princess!nOh, my god I just said that out loud!" I said. Natilie blushed. She came over and gave me a peck on the cheek and said" We'll, I would like to get to know you better, here's my number" She gave me her phone number!!!!!!! I returned the peck on he cheek and she walked away "
Louis I'm going top kill you but then I would never get to thank you for getting me her phone number!" I exclaimed. Now to find my room partner!
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