Natalie was a normal teenage girl surrounded by her obsessed directioner friends. She never really understand why everyone loved them, until she met one.


1. I Was Only A Fan

"LOOK AT ZAYN'S HAIR!!!" I heard my best friend Lauren, scream into my ear. 

Today was the premiere of the "One Way or Another" video and my friends wanted me to come over to watch it. Why? I don't know. I like their music, but I don't drool over them.

Lauren and Kelly were my best friends for life, but they are way to crazy about One Direction. 

Lauren loves Zayn and Kelly loves Niall. And I like.... Harry? I have to admit he is really cute, but I'm not a directioner.

"So who's your favorite Natalie?" Kelly asked.

"Don't go crazy. Harry!"

"Aww, you're a Harry girl!" Lauren said

I didn't even know what that meant, but I wasn't going to even ask.

"What made you fall for him? His eyes or his dimples, Lauren asked.


We all laughed. It was great having best friends. 

"I'm gonna go home, bye guys!" I said while walking out the door.


I can't believe I was actually falling for Harry. I never really looked at his features, like his curly hair, or his green eyes, or his dimples. He was just so perfect. I really want to meet him. But I knew that was never gonna happen.

I got home and I started looking at Harry Styles pictures.

"Ughh, why does he have to be so perfect?!

"Who is it now Natalie?" my older sister Sandra said.

"Harry Styles, from One Direction."

"Him?! I thought you didn't-"

"I don't really like the band, just him."

"Yeah okay, wait until tomorrow, you'll be like an obsessed freaky fan.

"Shut up Sandra," I said while throwing the pillow at her face.

I can't believe I was falling for him.

When I fall for someone, I fall hard, and it's hard for me to fall out.



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