Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


8. I love you



Walking home from a very stress full day at school, you were happy to say that you had your arm around your amazing boyfriend. You felt happy for once!

Violet was in jovial for hit and run.

All your friends that doubted you, said sorry.

Everything was perfect, you were happy.

Matt: (YN) I want to take you somewhere.

(YN): where?

Matt: just some where special.

(YN): okay then.

Matt: follow me.

You followed matt to a park with flowers everywhere; it looked like some kind of Disney fantasy. It started to go dark and cold but then a tiny fairy light turned on everywhere it was so beautiful.

Matt: (YN) I brought you here so I could tell you how much you mean to me, I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you. I’m ashamed that I didn’t you are my everything. When I didn’t have you by my side I felt like dyeing.  When I told you I loved you it wasn’t romantic...

(YN): well I was dying...

Matt: (YN) I LOVE YOU.

Right there and then you had your first kiss; your heart wouldn’t slow down.

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