I'll Never Be Happy!

A Liam Payne fanfic. Lexi claims that she will never be happy after her boyfriend of two years broke up with her. Her friends want to help her but she pushes them away. Will Liam help her? or will he makes things worse? Read to find out!


1. i don't want to go!

Lexi's P.O.V. BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Gr I hate getting up early I don't even want to go to this stupid fair! RING RING RING god who is calling me now? "WHAT Allie!" You say to your friend Allie who is calling you " well someone seems a little grumpy today" Allie says jokingly "I don't want to be up this early! Why do we even have to go to the fair this early it is 8 o'clock in the morning!" You yell " the fair is like 45 minutes away so we have to get ready fast and leave. So take a shower, get dressed, and do your hair and make up ill be over in about a hour. And you better be ready!" "Fine" you reply then hang up. I don't want to take a shower can't I just go back to bed and sleep forever. Ever sense my boyfriend well ex boyfriend Conor and I broke up only two weeks ago I don't want to do anything! We dated for two hole years and then when I went to his house for our second year anniversary I saw him kissing another girl. **flashback** I am so happy it is Conor and I second year anniversary. I am heading to his house for dinner then we are going for a walk to the park to watch the fireworks sense it is the yearly firework show to start off the summer and the first day if the fair opening for the summer. I am wearing a short summer dress that goes to mid thigh and it is white strapless with some lace, my sparkly sliver toms, and my hair curly. I don't think I could be any happier! I pulled up to his house and got out of my car and when I went to go and knock on the door I saw threw the window Conor sucking on some sluts face. Well I don't exactly know if she was a slut just she was kissing MY boyfriend mine not anyone's else's at least I thought that. But when I looked closer I saw who she was my older sister May, omg how could she! I could hear my heart shatter I couldn't believe this how long has he been cheating how could I not of known and noticed something. I am really that stupid and clueless? I just realized that u have been standing here for five minutes watching him suck on her face and my heart shattered! I want to go home and just die I really do but I can't seem to move its like I'm frozen to this spot. I could feel the tears start to roll down my face then I saw that they broke apart and he is holding her close smiling then I just ran to my car and tried to drive away as fast as possible but Conor was holding my car door open. "Conor let go u want to go home for fucking douce bag!" I screamed trying to get him to let go "Lexi please just listen to me it isn't what it looks like please" he begged trying to get me to listen. "NO do t even start it is my what it looks like shit with me it isn't going to work,ok? Just it is over we are never talk to me again!" I yell and pull my car door shut. With tears running down my face. How could he how could she, she knew how much he meant to me god I just hate them both right now! " please Lexi please!" Conor begged again as I drive off. I couldn't stand to see either of them again! ** end flashback** I felt the tears run down my face but I have to stop hem I whipped them away and got int he shower to start getting ready.when I got out of the shower I had about 35 minutes to get dressed, do my hair, and do my makeup. I decided I was going to wear my short denim shorts that I mean are really short a shirt that is really tight and is grey with lace on the shoulders and back and some black toms. I put on some sparkly eye shadow, liquid eye liner, mascara, and some lip gloss. I decided to straighten my hair then grabbed my phone and went to my kitchen to get some breakfast. When I got down there I saw May sitting at the counter eating some waffles. I just glare at her and go to the fridge to get some juice. " you know you can't ignore and forever you have to speak at some point." May said all sassy like. " fine I will talk to you for about well now then I will never speak to you again!" I said/yelled at her. "god why are you such a little bitch like come on it has been two weeks and it wasn't that big of a deal." May said like she did nothing wrong "Me the bitch no that is you! You were the one kissing my boyfriend who you knew unloved and would do anything for! And you did nothing wrong oh please you are the reason I just want to die right now! I will never forgive you!" I yelled at her than ran out of the kitchen not caring if I didn't eat breakfast.   ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Hey, this is my first movella so it is kinda bad and i know there might be some problems with it but i am trying my best!!
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