One Sad Song

A poem with true meaning from me to you


1. The broken music

I wish I could turn this song off

But Life has no switch

Your just the puppet in the strings

This melody that makes my heart sink

Causing me to feel these emotions

Stuck in my head with no exit

And yet its my only friend

My one ticket to an escape

My subconscious on the violin of pain

My soul on the piano of shedded tears

My heart just a complete broken wreck

As I lay on the ground listening

No movement starring up in the sky deeply

As one tear falls down my cheek

This song that plays all the bad tunes

The reminder of the hurt I keep inside

Frozen by the waves of intense drama

Shooken by the voice on the mic

If there was a mirror there would be me

Stood in front of those who help create this song

Waiting for me to sing along like everything is okay

I choke up by the unexpected audience appearance

My dress becoming blood red

As I sing with a bleeding heart

Loosing whats left of me

Falling down slowly by each verse

In moments on the floor as roses are thrown

Once again I did my best performance

I let them win again and again

With me dying in the center of the light

Pleading in a song of prayer

Closing my eyes in grief

As the curtains close on me once again

Left in the darkness forever to this one sad song.

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