My first movella I hope you like it**

Lexi and Niall have been friends since forever ago. When Niall finally realizes his love for Lexi, he comes up for a master plan to win her heart, will it work? Or will he loose the girl if his dreams?


1. Sharpie problems

*Lexi's p.o.v.*

I open my eyes to my older bro Louis standing over me. I say "what the hell Louis, what did you do this time?" I have to admit, it was a little harsh. He just laughed though, I sta up and jumped out of bed to run to my mirror. I looked and there was a big 18 written in black sharpie. I turn around to give my big bro a playful dirty look, but he is asleep I'm MY bed!!! I skip over to him and jump on top.

"Haha, very funny, now get off!" I just lay there and fake snore. He starts tossing and turning but still can't shake me. He started to get more violent and I heard him laugh them all I can remember is hitting the floor.
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