Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


1. Chapter 1.

  I walked proudly to school, wearing my new outfit and all. I walked by a girl who was smaller than me and her books fell out of her bookbag. I put my stuff down and kneeled down to help her. When she was saw me she squealed. "Thanks Stephanie Rodriguez" she laughed smiling at me. I chuckled and helped her pick up her stuff. I gave her back her books and patted her head. "Call me Steph" I said while picking up my stuff. I walked into the school and everyone was staring at me, waving to me, or saying hi to me. If you hadn't noticed I'm pretty popular, well what the heck I AM popular, I'm the most popular girl in school. But I'm not like those stereotype mean popular girls, I'm actually super nice. But once in awhile it gets bored being popular, no one leaves me alone! I put my stuff in my locker and headed to my bestfriend, Allison, locker. "Hey Steph" Allison cheered. "Hey Alli" I said hugging her. "Hi Stephanie" a girl across the hall yelled. I waved to her then rolled my eyes back to Allison. "Why the eyes? Don't you like being popular" Allison asked. "Of course I do! It's just I-OMG HOTTIE AT 3 O'CLOCK" I yelled covering my body behind Allison's. "Where I-OHHHH Joey" Allison cooed. "Shut it" I hissed. Allison laughed then waved to Joey, he waved back. And then he started to walk over here.... No no no no no-"Oh hi Joey" I laughed coming out from behind Allison. "Hey Steph, I like your outfit, where'd you get it" he said staring into my eyes. His hazel eyes kind of caught me off guard so I just stared at him like an idiot. "Oh-uh-I eh haha" I nervously laughed. "It doesnt matter, hey catch you later" Joey asked. "Um ya-sure I mean if we do catch up hehe" I laughed, nervous again. Joey gave me a weirded out face and then he quickly walked away. "Your such a dork" Allison laughed walking away from me. I slapped my face and looked to my side, Allison walked away. "Hey wait up" I yelled catching up to Allison.


*Lunch* I sat in I guess the cool kids (girls only) table with, my friends, Allison, Miranda, Lori, Melissa, and Amanda. "Hey Steph" Miranda chirped as I sat down at the table. "Hello" I said digging into my salad. "Did you hear about that new kid that came from England" Melissa said excited. "How did you know about him" Lori asked. "Please do you know me Lori, I am the queen of gossip" Melissa bragged. Which was actually true. "Ohh he is hawt" Allison laughed pointing over to a curly haired boy sitting alone at a table. "Awww he's alone, haha sucker" Amanda laughed. She was the mean girl of our group. Miranda shoved her shoulder and glared at her. "Don't be rude" she said. Amanda rolled her eyes and looked over at Harry. "Aww I feel bad for him, maybe we should introduce ourselves to him" Allison confidently said. "No thanks" I rudely said. I do not feel like falling in love with another guy besides my boyfriend, Joey, well almost boyfriend. "Aww come on Stephanie do it for us" Melissa begged. "Oh look here comes my babe" I cheered ignoring her and looking over at Joey heading over to our table. "Hey Steph, girls" Joey said looking at all of us. "Hello" we all said in unison. "Have you meet the new kid, Harry" Joey asked. "He's real cool" he added. "Actually no we haven't" Melissa laughed looking over at me. I glared at her but then looked back at Joey blushing. "Oh well you totally should introduce yourselves" Joey said. "Well actually Steph is being real mean so she doesn't really wan-" Allison started but then I stepped on her foot. "Umm no we were just about to go now" I laughed. "Your so nice Steph, alright see you later" Joey said winking at me then leaving. "Ahh" I squealed. My heart was throbbing more than ever. "So lets go" Lori said standing up. "Are you an idiot we are NOT meeting..what's his face" I scoffed. "Harry" Allison added. "Whatever" I said going back to eat my food. "Well you did promise Joey" Lori cooed. I rolled my eyes then looked over at Harry. "Fine I muttered. The girls cheered and they dragged me over to Harry. When we got to us table he looked up at us and the first person he noticed was me. His eyes sparkled and he smiled, he has dimples!! Ehh, still not as good as my Joey. "Hi Harry we heard so much good things about you, so we wanted to be friends, I'm Melissa, that's Lori, that's Allison, that's Amanda, that's Miranda, and that's Stephanie" Melissa excitedly said. Harry had his eyes stuck to me and I glared at him. He cleared his throat and grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Nice to me you Melissa, Lori, Allison, Amanda, Miranda, and Stephanie" Harry smirked. I scoffed but then smiled. "Hi nice to meet you, I heard you knew Joey, he's my boyfriend btw" I bragged. Harry let go of my hand and licked his lips. "I'll be right back" Lori chirped running over to our table. She grabbed her plate and rushed back over sitting in front of Harry. "You mind"? Lori asked smiling at him. He was still looking at me when he answered "No please sit, I need company anyways". I scoffed but then gagged when Allison elbowed my ribs. She glared at me and then the rest of the girls got their trays and sat with Harry. "Come join us Steph" Allison said. "Yeah come join us Steph" Harry cooed. I scoffed once again then stomped away back to my table. I sat down and started tapping my foot on the ground, hard. What a player, thinks he can charm me, the idiot! I started laughing and Joey looked over to me then he walked over. He sat in front of me and smiled. I stopped laughing and looked at my feet. "You okay"? he asked holding my hands. I blushed and my heart started beating faster. I could just scream. But i didn't. "I just uhh yeah I'm okay I was just thinking of a time I petted a bunny and it uhh licked my finger" I lied. He chucked then held my hands tighter. I looked over at Harry and he seemed to have been staring at me before so he quickly looked away. Hmm maybe I should make him jealous. I sat next to Joey and held his hand. Joey blushed and kissed my cheek. "Will you be my girlfriend" Joey nervously asked. I squealed and hugged him. "Yes I've been waiting this whole time for you to ask that" I  laughed. Joey laughed and kissed my cheek once again. I looked over at Harry who was smirking at me. What? Why is he laughing? The idiot is supposed to me Jealous.


*After school* I got my stuff and walked out of the school. I started walking on the sidewalk when I saw Harry walk next to me. I scoffed and walked faster. He just caught up again and he started laughing. "You can't walk away Rodriguez" Harry laughed. "Watch me" I scoffed speedwalking away from him. He caught up to me and put his arm over my shoulder. I shoved it off and he laughed. "What I meant to say was, you don't want to walk away" he laughed. "Please your just another play boy who charms all the girls he sees, being with you would be the last thing I'd do" I scoffed. "If I flirt with every girl I see, why did I only flirt with you when your friends were around huh"? Harry smirked. "Because-uhh-err whatever" I yelled. He started laughing and he put his arm over my shoulder again. This time my heart stopped and I felt butterflies filling up in my stomach. Ughh stop Steph your dating Joey. "Think of Joey" I kept whispering to myself running away from Harry. "Wait Steph" Harry called. I turned around and he smiled, he looked so hot, I mean what am I saying? "What" I rudely said. "Do you wanna hang out at the park tonight, midnight picnic" Harry asked catching up with me. I stared into his green eyes and felt myself blush. Harry laughed and stared at me. "You have such pretty blue eyes" Harry flirted. I walked back from him then smiled. "Thanks and umm sure" I answered. "Good see you later and wear something comfortable" he said smiling then walking away to his car. I rolled my eyes then scoffed, but I felt myself blush. Ughh I have to talk to Joey, because I am losing my mind.

To: Joey

"Hey my house in alittle"


*New text message*

From: Joey

"I'll be there xoxo"



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