This story is for the World Book Day competition and it answrs the prompt:
THE WORLD: write a movella that has the theme of "the world" central to it.
I decided to take this prompt and use figurative language and odd ideas to create a story that has no catagory.


1. The World Spins 'Round

 The roads lay flat and the trees stand alone. There's a little old man who sits in the park and a vacated blue house that I'm sure never will sell. They're fixed to the ground like glue sticks to paper and they stand tall and straight.

 Even when the world spins 'round.

 The black asphalt puts up with our weight. The trees, they all sag and cry for more green and less gray. The children learn to put up with the world. The mockers believe that we don't understand and they scoff when we tell them

 the world spins 'round.

 One day the little old man will be gone gone; the park, empty; his house for sale. The trees will all feel a little more hungry and maybe the water will be a little bit higher. But no matter what we do, it's always the truth.

 The world spins 'round.



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