R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


1. On Tour

I packed my bags and everything I would need for the tour. I can't belive that we get to on tour. Well I know the first place we're going. To San Franciso to do a thriller remake. Riker signed to be a wanna-be zombie like last year, I signed up to be a vampire, Rydel signed to be a zombie, Ratiliff signed up to be creepy looking rockstar, Ross couldn't come, and oh yeah Rocky is a vampire. We got into make-up and I have to say I don't  reconize my own band. Well except for Riker cause he isn't wearing mask yet. I had bright red lips with fake blood around them. Riker put on his mask and the first thing he said to the camera for R5 tv was" I'm in the house, I like the wind baby."  Afterwards we sat in the dressing room making fun of Riker's costume.

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