Life of a school girl

This is for girls aged 8+


1. When everything was fine.

When I started year 3 at the local primary school I was really happy. I had all the right equipment mini highlighters,mini everything and everyone really loved my snazzy mini gel pens then if you had any kind of gel pen you were cool. But this only lasted for about half the year then from here it went down hill. One day the least popular girl in the class emilia told me your best friends ,well, the two girls who are meant to be your best friends just told me you look sooo horrible today it was unbelievable! At this point I didn't realise Emilia was just stirring everything up (she does this quite. Who am I kidding this is like here number one hobby stir stir stir) so like every 8 year old girl would I sat in the toilet and cried. Later that day Sophia one of the girl who was meant to have been mean said I love your shoes and earrings then Shannon the other girl said Morgan your shoes are well nice I really want a pair me being a girl just burst out into tears. Sophia and Shannon ask what is the matter so obviously I couldn't let them no I was weak so I said I felt sick and got sent to the school nurse even though she scares me! I mean are women meant to have beards if not this one does! After school Shannon and Sophia turned up on my door steps with get well soon gifts (at that time I thought the cakes were poisoned of something stupid like that therefore I didn't eat one even though they were my favourite triple chocolate) My sister,Felicity,ate them in the end I just said I felt to ill to eat them!
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