The one day mystery

Why does it have to be me?
Everyday of my life is like a mystery.
But i feel different than everybody else.
Something feels fishy. I felt absorbed by the aroma of sweet rose scent.
But the final question is... Who am I?


1. The Runaway

Crack! Crack! Crack! My weight is pressuring the layers of broken tree arms as I sprint towards the light that can be seen from the horizon.The wind is pulling back my ears.There is boundless of tall thick brown trees with green hair standing there, watching me shred my sweat. The patch of imaginable yellow light seems closer and closer. I leap and swung my arms for balance in the warm fresh air. The light struck my vision and i shut my eyes in pain. Puff.Puff.Puff...

My soul seems to be leaving me as my body stretch out. Soon crunches could be heard. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I opened my eyes quickly while rapidly gasping for air. Drops of water slowly fell down my round thin face. I feel hot as a dessert while gloomy as a ghost. A rectangular shaped box with bright red illumination sat upon the white wooden compact table. It display a line in horizontal and odd circle number, follow by two dots with the two same circle shape.

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