In the future blue-tooth is all powerful. No-one can stop it. Definitely not little old Zac Black.

When Zac is captured my the criminal mastermind that is blue-tooth, her whole life is turned upside down. She is forced to become a assassin and kill the people she loves. will she be able to fight from the inside and save herself? Or will that be left down to the professionals.
For the vortex comp


1. Prologue


In 2154 everything was changing. Zac Black stared around her dark, damp cell wondering why she was here. She hadn't done anything. The guard stood stock still, staring straight ahead with black, opaque eyes. His blue-tooth ear-piece buzzed and he turned and unlocked the cell, grabbing Zac's hand, dragging her out into the corridor. She didn't resist for she knew the guard was stronger than her. On the way past the other cells she saw the rest of the prisoners being dragged out by identical guards wearing identical uniforms with identical blue-tooth ear-pieces.


The ever-growing line of guards marched the prisoners into a grey, bleak, unexciting room. Shiny, metallic silver objects stood on glass stands next to hard, wooden chairs. They looked a bit like weird, wireless hair-dryers. Zac wondered what they were for.


She found out when one of the guards roughly pulled an unsuspecting prisoner into a chair. Metal straps shot out of the chair and fastened around him so he couldn't move. Then the guard held up the hair-dryer thing and put it over the prisoner's right ear. He pulled a trigger and the silver hair-dryer jerked. As the guard took the hair-dryer away the prisoner's pupils grew. Zac could now see he had a blue-tooth in his ear. She looked back at the prisoner's eyes which were now exactly like the guards. Black and opaque.


It went on like this, everyone's eyes turning black and opaque as the blue-tooths were inserted. Finally it was Zac's turn. The guard shoved her down into the uncomfortable chair. He held the hair-dryer thingy up to her ear and pulled the trigger. She felt a warm, rubbery substance mold to her ear and a calm soothed her brain. It felt like it was trying to squish her personality down to control her.


Suddenly Zac's arm moved. She couldn't help it. She couldn't stop it. Then she stood up, but she didn't want to. Zac's arms and legs moved independently as her body strode purposely towards the open door.         

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