Me and His Love For One Another

This story will basically say how much love me and Niall copes with. I hope you enjoy the fanfic


1. how it started

It all started out when I was at a One Direction concert. I had VIP and front row tickets. When the concert was over I got to go backstage. I seen the blonde one who goes by the name of Niall. Niall stared at me and then finally he had the courage to come to me and give me his digits. So when I get him I text home right away I say, "Hello this is Desiree' you know the girl you met today." Then he texts back saying, “Oh hello Desiree. You are adorable I wish we can be together." I read what he texted me and I text him saying, "What do you mean?" Then Niall texts me saying, "I love you! I can't see you due to tour I'll be touring a bunch I won't have time for nothing." I then text him, “Awwwwwww!!!! I love you too and I'll do anything to be with you I'll even try to go to all the concerts just to be with you!!" 

Niall types, "Awwwww you'll do that for me awwwwwww babe I truly love you!" I tell him I got to go because I'm tired and he texts me saying good night beautiful.


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