love story about graffies <3


1. School.

Hay, my name is Whitley, im 13 and im a Graffie i just moved to a big city and i wanted friends but there is 1 girl in my class and she wont leave me a alone, her name is Reagan. But the good thing is there is a cute boy in my class named Austin he like heaven. But he is dating Reagan! Could thing any wose? Whitley you need to stop talking to you self said ms.craig said . wow spoke to soon! everyone stop and started at me for 5 min. He laughed at me and told the whole school now they call me talky! Who cares because it will stop in a couple of weeks...3 weeks later, and guess what, Reagan cheated on Austin and he broke up with her and no going back out with her YAY! This is my time to ask him out but wait he is like the cutes boy alive i cant what happends if he says no and tells the whole school?!? what should i do?? That night... Hay buttercup how was school today my mom said as i ran to my room to see if he had texted me and GUESS WHAT he did! He said Hay to me yahhh!!! we talked all night the next moring and that night. Yes he asked me out as i screamed my sister Sara told my mom and my mom ground me for nothing! She took my computer but not my phone. He texted me forever and forever 3 day later... He called my babe omg i need to tell my pretty best friend victoria wait she is right beside me. Me and her started screaming! But i made a deal with Sara that she cant tell mother because she will kill me and ground me from every thing i mean evething.  Austin texted back and he broke up with me and i started crying bad. But the bad thing was i would have to face going to school and seeing him. He called my friend a old gramaw that just wants to find love and that we can talk to him any more. But at the end of the drama there is a new guy that is much cuter than Austin , his name was Logan he liked me i liked him we did every thing togther, went to the movies, park, and skating. than he asked me out for the first time and he didnt care what i looked liked that is a true boyfriend!

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