One Direction Imagines

Okay, so I will write imagines. Just comment your name, what boy you want it with, what you want to happen, if you want it to be happy/sad and any other details you'd like to give me :)


1. Liam Imagine (Example)

[A/N] so if you want an example of my imagines, here it is and if you like it and want a personal one, comment <3


You had caught Liam cheating on you with his ex, Danielle and after a long fight that including yelling and throwing, you told him it was over. This broke you inside, you love Liam more than anything, but obviously he loved Danielle more. The paparazzi didn't know why you two broke up though, they didn't know that Liam cheated. 
You hated being in London, because everything reminded you of him. Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn, Harry, Louis and Niall tried to convince you to stay here and work it out with Liam, but it was too hard so you were going to go back to Nebraska. When you were at the airport, the paparazzi found you and with all the flashes and questions being yelled at you, you started to cry. The paps calmed down a bit, but were still throwing a certain question at you,
"Why did you and Liam break up?"
You wanted to say he cheated on you with Danielle, but you couldn't bring yourself to tell them that, because as mad as you were, you loved Liam and didn't want him to get hate. So you took a deep breath and lied,
"I cheated on him, he caught me, we fought, we broke up."
Technically you told the entire truth, except instead of saying he cheated, you said he did. Everyone gasped, and then they started yelling more questions, but you just pushed through them and went to your plane.

A few days later, there was a knock on your door. You got up and answered it.
You were shocked to see them at the door,
"El? Perrie? What are you guys doing here?"
"Well the guys are in Hollywood right now and they had an interview, so we decided to fly up here because we really miss you." Perrie said pulling me into a hug.
"I missed you girls too. Did you tell them you came here?"
"Everyone but Liam. We thought it'd be best if he didn't know. But what we want to know is why did you tell the paps you cheated on him?"
"I didn't want him to get hurt." you whisper
"Well he is hurt. He dies a little more inside everyday when he wakes up to nothing in his arms."
"He has Danielle." you say coldly
"No, Dani has come by begging for him back, and all he does is slam the door in her face and burst into tears. Did you know that he actually almost committed suicide because of how bad he felt? Don't say he doesn't love you, because [Y/N], you are his world." Eleanor said sadly. You burst into tears. You missed Liam so much and wanted to be with him, but he wasn't the first boy to cheat on you, so you didn't know if you could trust him again. Perrie and El hugged you,
"Let's watch some TV, get your mind of things." Perrie offered. You turned on the TV and of course, the boys' interview was on,
"So Liam..." the interview began, "How do you feel about [Y/N] after she cheated on you?"
You felt like you were going to die when you saw Liam's face on screen:
Liam took a deep breath and spoke,
"I feel like an idiot."
"Because you trusted her and she went ahead and did that?"
"No, because I let go of the most amazing thing in my life. I never deserved a girl as good as [Y/N], because she is probably the only person ever who would lie to protect me."
"I'm a little lost here Liam." the interviewer said
"She lied to the paps when she said she cheated on me. She didn't. I cheated on her and she told the paparazzi she cheated on me so I wouldn't get hate. She took more hate than I have ever seen before for me." 
The crowd gasped. Liam looked up at the camera, "[Y/N], if you are watching this, I am so sorry for what I did to you. It was a mistake. You are my entire world and I need you. You were cheated on before and so I know you have a hard time trusting people, but you need to know that I will never do this to you again if you give me a second chance. But if you don't, I understand, but please, could you at least forgive me?"
El and Perrie looked at me,
"So, what are you going to do?" Perrie asked
"I'm going to forgive him." I said, pulling out my phone.
"Are you going to give him another chance?" El asked
You sighed, "I think you girls should head back to LA."
El and Perrie looked at each other sadly, "Okay, it was great to see you [Y/N]."
You hugged the girls and they left. Then you continued to watch the interview and texted Liam
<To Liam: I forgive you.>
Moments later, you saw Liam pull out his phone and a sad smile came across his face. The interviewer asked him what the text message said. Liam sighed and replied,
"She forgave me, but I think that's it."
You couldn't take it anymore. You turned off the TV and cried yourself to sleep thinking if you should give Liam another chance or not.

The next week, Liam had returned to London. He walked back into the house the boys owned and straight up to his room without saying a word. He set his bags down and walked out onto his balcony and stood on the edge. He closed his eyes as the tears streamed down his face,
"I'm so sorry [Y/N]." he whispered, but before he could jumped, someone grabbed his arm. He turned around, shocked and happy at who he saw,
"I told you I forgave you Liam, but when I sent that text message, I forgot to tell you I love you." you said looking into his deep brown eyes.
"I love you too [Y/N] and I'm so sorry." he sobbed
"I know you are." you reply as you wipe away his tears. He continued to cry, which made you sad, so to get him to stop, you gave him a long kiss and when you pulled away you said "so please stop crying."

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