another shadow

jadea,brianna, and jason 3 runaways who allways felt as if they were not wanted and end up running away jadea the main character loves her parents but feels unwanted,unneeded, and missunderstood with a gothic/emo personality
brianna the friend feels the same but not to sure about the parent part emo but not gothic jason the old friend that split from brianna and jadea because of the choices he made and the desision of briannas sisters and jadea listens to them because they are like mini mothers to her and her parents werent very fond of him either his desisions will be placed in the storie jadea allways sees life as a storie questioning who was the main character in her life alwas saying she was just another shadow she hides few thingd no one knows about her and telling people she was an open book to them she had no other secrets to tell.


1. questions


          where is my place in life? my thoughts questioned myself like allways.I was packing up all my things especially my phone, song book ,gutair , 3 pens ,and a sketch book for ideas. you never know when a great picture or song is going to pop up in your mind.I thought to myself. it was 2:56 in the morning hurry up you gotta be at briannas by 3:00 or no runaway. said that stupid voice that mocked and teased me.okay okay just let me leave the note! i thought back i scribbled love you guys wait for me ill be back .2:56. with my backpack i scrambled to my secret stash of money no one knew about it no one.$156 bucks in the bag then i ran to the kitchen and grabed 10 water bottles stuffted them in my back pack it was 2:59 and i ran to briannas at record time the second i knocked it changed to 3:00. She opened the door "ready?" i asked breathing hard."Ready" she assured.our questions were about to be answered she had 20 bucks and me 156 bucks we put them to gether in this small old coin purse now we have 176 bucks.i wonder if im just one of those by standers in a book another shadow someone that no one cares about.bad grades,one friend,bad person,stupid, and disrespectful.doesnt sound like a main character to me any ways im different.i guess thats why i feel this way questions going threw my head.this is where my story begins.


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