when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


1. Goodbye

Collbys P.O.V:

"Im going to miss you all sooo much" i said hugging every single one of my friends.

"Im gonna miss you too"my friends said back to me.

I smiled to them.

"come on collby" i hear my dad yelling as he closses the trunk.

I give all my friends one last hug and walk to the car.

As we pull away i role down the window and wave to my friends.

man im going to miss them.

As i stare out the window a tear roles down my eye.


Gregs P.O.V:

I wonder if collby relises i can tell shes crying.

shes been like this ever since i told her i've been stationed to texas and we had to move.

As her Dad i dont like seeing her upset but , this is my job sometimes it requires me to move.

I wish her mom was here...she would know what to do right now.

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