Us and the new boy(One Direction story)

sophia and her friends Lilliana,Nevaeh,and Eva were all siting at lunch talking about how all but one of the guy's from one direction go to there school. but as they were watching the lunch room doors they noticed the new kid everyone was talking about was Niall.The others were dating one of the guys but me i was single, now what are the girls gonna do? are they gonna get niall and sophia together? or is it gonna end in disaster


1. intro

i'm sophia im 17 and the only single girl out of our group of 4 the rest are all dating a guy from one direction exceptions of me they always say stuff about it but oh well. I live with my mother and father that constantly fight and my identical twin brothers. I go to practically the best school in all of london and al but one of the guys from one direction go here. my friends say that i need a guy but I'm waiting for the perfect one to come along for me.

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