My poems

A collection of poems I've written - all different, possible similar themes.


1. Time

The time does go

Hand rocking to and fro

When breathing painful and heavy laid

With tired eyes from nights betrayed

As sunlight born to scorn

Breaches shell like demon spawn

I, another day, must endure

Beat and flow of blood once more

Difference between life and living, you see

There’s only death for minds not free

Institutionalised, centralised attitudes

Leading mornings with slow preludes

Into traffic and birds that screech

Blocking static and drowsy speech

Until it dies down, workward bound

Leaving that tick to be found

From where the time slips away

In dazedness, a boring day

In this cycle, to repeat again

The next day, another ten

To a ticking dripping life to loose

Time – expenditure I can’t choose

To bid it all on paths I pick

Still that ghastly sound, a clock’s tick

Pushes life in death,

But I’ll push on with every breath.


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