Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


25. not home

I  woke up and it was very cold, I think winter is coming,

 I got out of my bed and got ready into my  purple long sleeved shirt and black pants with shoes

I checked if dani was in her room and she just finished changing into her pants and blue jacket

"you ready?" I ask her "yeah" she says and we grab our bags and walk out of door and out side of the building

and it was freezing, we called a cab to pick us up and they brought us to collage

"I cant believe that you guys were lying all along" I say to Danielle "haha you guys found out" dani says

"yeah, at their rehearsals last night" I say "haha you went to their rehearsals last night?"

she asks "yeah,  and met Eleanor, perrie and Danielle" I say "oh cool you met their girlfriends too" dani say s

 "yup" I sayand we get to class "see you after school" dani says "bye" I say



harrys POV

I got a call from our director that we need to meet at the studio so I got ready

 into a white shirt, under my black jacket and black pants wiith my white converse.

I grabbed my keys and walked out the door, and into the elevator and out the building, there was so

many paparazzi every where, I got into my car and drove off to the studio


I got out of my car and into the studio building,

and see liam, zayn, and niall there "wheres Louis" I ask them

"he said hes on his way a minuet ago" liam says and I sit on the chair and wait till Louis arrives

"ok guys, gather along" paul says "we are going to California today because you have concerts,interviews,

and were doing a music video there, so pack up ok?" paul says "wait, when?" I ask

"at 10:00" he says "aww, I wanted to bring rosie" I say "sorry harry, that was the only time "he says and I stand up

"well, see you guys in a couple of hours" I say and walk out oof the studio


rosies pov

classes were finished and I walked to the cab with dani

"I have soo much home work" I whine "ugh! mee too"dani says and we get into the cab the brought us

back to our flat. I walk into the flat with dani and we both sit

on the couch grabbing our stuff and working on  the homework  we had


harrys POV

the plane landed and we were all ready in California

I grabbed my bag from the top bin and carried it out of the plane and grabbed my luggage

"cmon boys lets go into the limo outside" paul says guiding us and seeing a lot of fans every where

getting held back by security "how long are we staying here?" I ask

"were staying over night, were coming back to new York at 6pm tomorrow" liam says

and we go out side and see screaming fans every where and a smile waving to fans and paparazzi's.

we get into the limo "ill call rosie to tell her that im here" I say and pull my phone out

I call her and it says that the phone call cant reach her

because I was too far away "shes too far away lad" zayn says and I hang up

looking out the window and some one pokes me but I don't

look to see who it was but they keep poking me "stop it" I say and look to my side and see

liam on his phone and Louis pretending that he was sleeping

and I look back at the window seeing fans running to our car and someone pokes me again and I look back

an Louis was in a different position "Louis i know its you" i say "aww!" Louis say s

and the car stops in front of a fancy hotel and we all get out

"ok i got 2 rooms you 2 of you guys share one room and 3 shares the other" i say

me and Louis rooms at each other "me and lou are together!" i say grabbing him

"ok i guess me, zayn, and niall to share" liam says and gets the keys from paul and going up

to his room as me and Louis walk up to our room


Rosies POV

i was done with my home work so i decided to go to harrys flat


i arrived at harrys flat and knocked on the door but he didn't answer "harry?" i ask but he didn't open the door

i called him but the call couldn't reach him then i texted him but i didn't deliver.

whats wrong? where is he? i waited for an hour by his door but he didn't come

i went on twitter and saw a lot of pictures of him and girls that said 'i love California'

and tears started to form in my eyes. he went to California? why hadn't he told me? he just left

i wiped  my  tears and walked out of  the building, i was thirsty  so i decided to go to starbucks and get a drink

i walked a couple of blocks and walked into star bucks and got a drink

but when i was going to open my straw, it fell to he ground and someone picked it up for me

"here you go" familiar voice says and i look up to see who it was......ethan


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