Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


26. Go away

I tried to back away as he laughs and comes closer to me "go away" I say and turn around

but bump into someone "sorry" I say "oh, hey rosie" Eleanor says

"oh, hi" I say "have you heard about the boys going to California? Louis told me right when he found out " she asks

"harry hasn't told me until I looked on twitter" I say frowning

"oh yeah, I saw what he put on twitter, I feel bad for you" she says "yeah, it seems like he having fun" I say

"haha, are you alone?" she asks and I look behind me and see ethan

"yeah" I say "you should come over to my house" she says "ok, can I bring dani?" I ask cuz I knew she was pretty bored

"of course you can" she says sweetly "thanks" I say and she gets in line

I call dani and she said that she was on her way, I waited for her sitting on a chair

ethan was coming my way but dani arrives and sits by me "hi"she says

"hey" I say and Eleanor came back with her drink "oh cool, you here" she says

"haha yeah, just got here" dani says "haha you ready?" she asks us and we stand up and walk out of the store

"my house isn't that far, we can walk it from here if thats ok with you" she says "yeah that's ok" we say

we get to her house and she grabs her key to open her door,when she opens it we look inside and It was pretty

"your house looks pretty" dani says "make yourself like home"she says and we enter

"you guys hungry?" She asks looking through her cabinets as we sit on her comfy couch

"Kinda"I say and she heats up water on the stove "do you guys want some noodles?" She asks "sure"dani says 

she goes by us and sits down, "I saw him" I say to dani "who?" Dani asks "Ethan"I say "where?!" She says "who?" Eleanor asks

"my ex" I say "yeah, that stupid guy that treated you good then stabs you!" Dani says "you got stabbed by your ex?" Eleanor asks 

"yeah, its a long story" I say "I've got time" Eleanor says and I start telling the story about leaving harry then meeting Ethan 


"that's awful!" Eleanor says "yeah I still have the stab here" I says lifting my shirt up showing the cut  

eleanor gets up and puts the noodles in 3 bowls and places them on the table 

"I can't believe he would do that to you" Eleanor says "harry was waited for her 24/7 till she woke up" dani says "that's nice" Eleanor says  and I check the time it was 6:30pm I was finished with my noodles already "I better get going, it was nice to come by" I say "oh thanks for coming, you guys gave my company"she says "haha bye" dani says and we walk out

i walked with dani on the street, it our flat wasn't really far, so we just walked 

"I'm broke, I can't afford to pay the taxi driver" I say laughing "ha, me too, I used it on my lunch" dani says and I look inside of the store beside me "hey isn't that Selena Gomez?" I ask and dani looks "OMG it is c'mon!" She says and runs into the store as I follow her in walking but then a pair of hands grabbed me, "go away!" I yell at Ethan "Rosie! Please forgive me" he says 

"no! Not after you stabbed me" I say trying to walk away but he grabs my hand and kisses me but I let go "go away, I don't love you anymore, you cheated on me, then stabbe me" I say "please forgive me, I over reacted" he says "no" I say but he squeezes my hand "I'll treat you better than harry" he says "no!" I say "please! Just friends atleast" he says "why would I be friends with a person who cheated on me then stabbed me?" I ask "a person who would forGive others" he says "go away Ethan" I say but he pulls me and kisses me but I try to push him away

"let her go!" Dani says and pushes him and grabs my hand and we run out of the store 

"you ok?" She asks "yeah" I say wiping my lips with my hand "c'mon, lets go home" she sas and we walk back to our flat 


after I showered, I changed and went to my room and got comfortable under the sheets on my bed, it was still cold 

i went on twitter and messages harry

me:you didn't tell me you wen to california.          Harry:sorry, when I was packing up, I was going to call you but you were in collage.        I rolled my eyes and fell asleep

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