Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


24. all along

rosies POV

he brought me back to his flat and we hung there for a while then liam, zayn, and Louis came in holding their girlfriends hands "rosie this is Danielle liams gf, perrie zayns gf, and Eleanor my gf" Louis says "hello" i say as they all say hi back "i want you guys to be best friends while were on our tour" zany says then Louis pushes them to me "now talk!" Louis says and ever one watches us...."you guys are watching us?" Eleanor asks them "yeah" Louis says "you guys are making it more akward" Danielle say s "no were not...were just watching" zayn says "guys i think we are making t to weird for them, we should talk too" liam says and i laugh as the boys start a conversation "so rosie, how di you meet harry" perrie asks "long stor short, i saved him from getting beaten to death "that's good" eleanor says "i could tell that yo guys liked each other once i walked in here because you were laying your head in his shoulder while talking" danielle says "haha yeah" i say embarrassed "so.. what do you like to do on normal days?" perrie asks "i like to play games, i usually saty home, do my home work hang out with harry or dani, or watch tv" i say and the girls stare at me weirdly "what?" i asked "sorry, we just never thought that you would, and like..boy-ish" Eleanor "what do you mean?" i ask them "its ok, your with us, we can show you how its like to be more like a girl" perrie says "what?" i ask "i know why she's like this.... its because she was best friends with him" Danielle says pointing at harry jumping around and being stupid"what are you guys talking about?" i ask them "do you think that you lived a boring life just being with harry and watching tv?" Danielle asks "when you put it like that...yes" i say "were saying that we can go do other stuff together, like what girls are supposed to be like, not sit around being with harry" Eleanor says "ok then we should hang out sometime" i say "when are you free?" they ask me "i don't know..i think on the 22nd to the 4th" i say "so your free tomorrow?" Danielle asks "no." i say "you said on the 22nd to the 4th, its the 24th today" Danielle say s"ohh you mean...haha well not this month, next month, on December" i say "ok that's pretty far from here but im free anytime, you can visit my house anytime, but not on Mondays to Wednesday because i go work on those days" Eleanor says "cool, where do you work?" i asks " i work as a Hollister model" she say s"oh that's cool" i say how about you?" Danielle asks "im in collage right now, im majoring in being a artist" i say "oh how cool" perrie says "im a dancer" Danielle says "and im a singer" perrie says "yeah, aren't you in little mix" i ask her "yes i am" she says "haha i think im the only person in this room that has an American accent"  i say "haha yeah" perrie says and then Louis falls on elleanor "ow! Louis what are you doing!?" eleanor asks "sorry babe, zayn used his evil force to push me" Louis says getting up running at zayn "their so weird" i say watching them play around the area "oh its time to go now, we all have to watch one of their singings" Eleanor says "guys, its time to get to the rehersals" Eleanor say sand all of the boys run out "bye rosie! see you later" Danielle, perrie and Eleanor hugs me and walks out the door as i could here them chattering outside, they left me, harry left me, i wonder why harry has never invited me to one of his singings? i hear harry shout "i forgot something!!!!!!!!" i was about to sit on the couch but harry kissed be for a very long time and grabs my hand bringing me out "what are you doing? didn't you forget something?" i ask him ans he laughs "yeah, i have it with me right now... its you, i forgot you, now c'mon lets go our arena" he says pulling my hand running into the elevator out.


harrys POV

we were rehearsing on the stage as i watched rosie talk to Eleanor smillling at me not taking her eyes off of me as i smiled too "liam we should this when we hit that part" Louis says "wheres-" paul gets interrupted by the doors that opned, i thought the concert was starting already but i was too early and it was just niall "im here!  sorry im late" niall says running in the building "yeah fighting with dani" rosie say s "no" niall say s"wait you and dani are in a fight?" liam asks "you guys broke up?!" zayn say s"wait... what do  you mean break up?" i ask "because they were going out" Louis asks "what?" i ask "so all along, it was a joke" lrosie says "uhh" niall smiles then laughs "niall! i cant believe you!" i yell at him as he laughs on the ground rolling around and we hear paul yell "better start reheasing! the doors open in an our!" paul says,, and it was a joke all along

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