Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


4. The Dinner

Author's Note: Hey guys, I am SOOO SORRY I haven't been updating. I have a lot of homework and projects due -.- SUCKS I Know I'll try to update more often. Thank You Everyone for your support <3 LOVA YA .... Here is the story :)


Ximena's POV:

Once we arrived to the restaurant i saw a lot of girls outside screaming very loudly. I just thought that they where here to see Pezz, but like always i was wrong. When a body guard escorted us inside the restaurant, I knew it was going to be fancy but i was amazed. The restaurant had chandeliers and very fancy paintings hanging from the wall. Pezz and I walked up to the women who told us where our table was. Women: Hi Welcome to Whatley Manor, please follow me to table number 2. Pezz was smiling and so was i, but inside i was kinda nervous. As we were approaching the table i see 5 familiar faces standing up. I locked eyes with a blond blue eyed guy. I smiled at him and he smiled back. When we got to the table i said thanks to the women that brought us there. Perrie started the conversation, "Hi guys this Ximena, Ximena this is Zayn my boyfriend, Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, and Danielle. In my head it all made sense, I knew their faces looked familiar they were One Direction and their girlfriends. Everyone said "Hi" in unison. I smiled and said hi back. Once we all settle down, Perrie was sitting next to Zayn and I was sitting in between Niall and Harry. I kind of felt weird because i did not know them a lot. I felt their eyes staring at me and i felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. 

Niall's POV: 

Zayn invited all of us to dinner because he is reuniting with Perrie today. I am actually very happy for him, I have never seen him this happy with a girl before. I dressed fancy because i knew we were going to fancy restaurant. I was the first one done and I just waited for the rest of the guys and girls to get ready. "Aye, Hurry Up I am hungry" I yelled. As soon as i yelled that everyone started coming down. "Niall behave, it is not only us Perrie is bringing her room mate/ best friend." "I promise to behave but can we go now!" I asked impatiently. "Sure Nialler" Zayn replied. When we got there we saw some fans waiting outside. I always wonder how do they know where we are at all times. It does not matter I love all Directioners. Paul, our body guard, escorted us to the restaurant since the fans are screaming and going in every direction possible to get to us. When we were safely in the restaurant Zayn and Liam walked up to the receptionist and ask her for the table of Perrie Edwards. We followed the lady who told us where the table was. We waited 5 minutes and then Perrie and her friend came. I don't know what got over me but I just stared at her, she looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. I found out that her name was Ximena. She was wearing a blue short dress. When we were all sitting, I had the luck to sit next to her. I noticed she was feeling a little weird so i decided to start a conversation. 

Harry's POV:

When I saw Perrie and her friend walking towards the table, my heart stopped. Her friend was so beautiful in my eyes. I realized that Niall and her were looking at each other and smiling. I don't know what I am feeling, but it could not be jealousy... right? I could see it in Niall's eyes that he liked her the same way i liked her. I was not letting her go that easy.  I was lucky enough that she sat next to me and Niall. I noticed that she looked a little shy, I was about to start a conversation but Niall beat me to it.

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