Lone Shadow

Calicia is the lone wolf. The packless one. Having a pack is all wolves ever dream of, but now she is cast out, and there's no food that can be found in the entire forest. Any day could be her last. It's her job to find the source of the missing food, and retrieve it. What can she do?

Pronunciation key:
Calicia - Cal-isss-ee-ah
Syanew - See-an-oo
Walnemazoi - Wal-knee-mah-zoy (Wal rhymes with pal)
Anuk - An-uk (Uk rhymes with puck)


2. Desperate


Suddenly, Calicia’s ears pricked up.  She slowly forced her eyes to open, but immediately shut them again as they were flooded with harsh, blinding sunlight.  Eventually, her eyes in slits, Calicia looked around.  She was in a part of the woodland that was near the hard, straight thing that she had found.  It was clearly early morning, and a swallow curved and swooped above her head.  It was agony to see it, fresh meat, and know that she had no chance of catching it.  In front of her was a cloud of dust.  Something had run away…

What was that?

She put her head towards the sky and sniffed.  She had picked up a strangely familiar scent.  She looked down.  At her paws was a large chunk of meat.  Deer, she guessed.  Ravenously, she ate the venison.  She felt much better for some food.

But where did it come from?  It’s not like it would fall from the endless blue above!

She stretched, and began to wander around to try to find… well, anything.  It seemed like there was nothing left to find; she was a lone wolf now.


Calicia’s paws ached.  She had been walking since just after sunrise, trying to track the thing that ran away, and now it was late evening.  Foolishly, she had forgotten to smell the deer and check it over before eating it, but hunger took over her body.  Luckily, it wasn’t poisoned by anything.  She envied the swallows that dived, tweeted and spun above her head, free, and together.  She felt trapped, although she was freer than before, between her and everything else in existence.

I wish I were like a rabbit, a herbivore, and always stayed with my family no matter what.  She shook her head. Rabbits are helpless pray.  No, I am a strong wolf.  I will survive…

She walked for about another mile or so, before finding a comfortable hollow under a tree's roots that she quickly fell asleep in.  Her dreams were filled with blood, mystery, and being doomed to loneliness forever.

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